Vertical Wall Panels

Elevate your walls and ceilings with Havwoods' Vertical collection, crafted exclusively for wall cladding. This diverse range offers a stunning blend of both new and reclaimed planks, intricately designed fluted panels, and bespoke geometric patterns.

Our range encompasses both solid and engineered options, as well as refined veneers, to suit every aesthetic and application need. Experience versatility and style with Vertical – where each piece is more than just a panel, it's a statement.

Why should you select Havwoods Vertical Wall Panels for your next project?

Choosing vertical wall panels from Havwoods US for your interior design needs offers so many advantages: 

Aesthetic Diversity and Visual Appeal: Havwoods' Vertical Wall Panel collection is designed to cater to a variety of tastes and styles. With options ranging from new and reclaimed planks to fluted panels and custom geometric patterns, these panels offer a visual diversity that can complement and enhance any interior space. Whether you’re looking for a rustic charm, a modern sleek look, or something uniquely bespoke, the Vertical collection has something for every aesthetic preference.

Quality and Durability: Our wall panels are not just visually appealing but are also built to last. The choice between solid and engineered options allows for flexibility in different environments and ensures longevity, making them a practical choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

Versatility in Application: These wall panels are not limited to just one type of application. They can be used for walls, ceilings, and other architectural features, allowing for creative freedom in design. This versatility means that customers can create a cohesive look throughout their space or designate feature areas with different styles.

Ease of Installation: Our wall panels are designed with ease of installation in mind. This user-friendly aspect is a significant advantage for both DIY enthusiasts and professional installers. It means less time and labor spent on installation, leading to cost savings and a quicker turnaround time for project completion.

Sustainable Options: With options that include reclaimed wood, we pride ourselves on being able to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. For customers who are environmentally conscious it allows you to make a design choice that aligns with your values.

Enhanced Interior Environment: Beyond aesthetics, wall panels can also contribute to the acoustic and thermal insulation of a space. This can lead to a more comfortable and enjoyable environment, whether in a home, office, or commercial setting.

Reputation and Trust: Lastly, choosing Havwoods means choosing a brand with a reputation for excellence in the field of wood flooring and wall solutions. This trust and reliability are crucial for customers who value quality and want to ensure that their investment in their interior design is well-placed.

If you are in the market or interested in seeing our wall panels in person, visit one of our showrooms where our product specialists can assist, or alternatively you can book a virtual appointment