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Custom Wood Flooring

Whether you need a slightly different finish, or are looking for flooring that is elaborately unique, Havwoods can make it happen.


Add elegance to your wood floors by elevating them with inlays. Brass inlays are a way to incorporate a metallic element or accent certain patterns. You can also work with stone, glass and other materials to create impressive visual elements in your flooring.


Many clients love standard wood flooring patterns like herringbone, chevron and versailles but don't realize we can compose the pattern of their dreams.

Creating pattern with different geometric shapes, board sizes and angles is a great way to truly have a custom wood floor.



We have a variety of thickness, widths, lengths, wear layers and other formats available in identical or similar shades. If you don't see what you need, we can create the product you're interested in, built to the dimensions you need.


Our floor finishes vary from collection to collection, from UV Oiled, Matt Lacquered, UV Acrylic and more. If you find the right floor, but not the right finish, we can customize this option as well.


If there is a shade we don't have, we can color match. Simply provide us with a sample of what you're interested in and we'll match it to the specification you want.

Every custom floor is unique, and so are the requirements. 

Get started on creating your custom floor. Fill in this simple form with what you envision and we will work with you every step of the way. 

Do you have a specific budget, timeframe or any other project information we should be aware of?