Chevron Wood Flooring

The chevron pattern appears in some of the earliest art forms, including on pottery and rock carvings. It is a key element in heraldry, used as an insignia of rank by military worldwide, and is popular in textiles, being most closely associated with the Italian fashion house Missoni.

Decorative patterns in hardwood flooring date back to the 17th Century and, like herringbone, the chevron pattern is currently enjoying tremendous popularity. But sometimes the two designs are confused. In a chevron pattern, the zig-zag creates a clean V shape. The ends of two equally sized planks of wood flooring are cut at an angle and fitted together to create a point. The opposite ends of the plank mirror the cut so that the pattern is repeated across the floor or wall.​

Traditionally a chevron wood floor is laid using individual blocks of wood which are sanded and finished on site, making installation a lengthy process. Havwoods offer a wide range of pre-finished engineered wood blocks which are quicker and easier to install than the traditional unfinished solid wood blocks. And our latest products provide something of an installation revolution: a chevron pattern wood floor pre-assembled and pre-finished in an engineered plank, 1672mm long by 305mm wide - the quickest and easiest installation ever.