Rendez-vous at Dior HQ

Project - Dior Head Office

Location - Sydney, NSW

Product Used - Custom Columba Plank

Designer - Construction By Design

Photographer - 6Four Media

As the site for legacy brand Dior’s Australian Head Quarters, the brief for this workspace was to harmoniously integrate the brand’s cultural influence, artistry and expert craftmanship into a contemporary office environment that resonates with Dior’s Parisian heritage. Read more to discover how Construction by Design successfully met the brief.

In reimagining Dior's headquarters, Construction by Design successfully crafted a space that harmoniously integrates the legacy brand's cultural influence, artistry, and celebrated craftsmanship in a contemporary workplace environment.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic 30 Montaigne in Paris, the team utilized wood flooring and textural plaster wall coverings to infuse the space with the shades and textures reminiscent of the French capital.

This Parisian influence is not merely an aesthetic choice but a deliberate effort to create a workspace that resonates with the essence of Dior's heritage.

The blonde tones of Columba from The Italian Collection not only display exquisite quality and timeless allure, but also holds FSC® certification (C009500). This certification upholds the highest standards of forest management and ethical sourcing, aligning with Dior’s mission to ‘only leave beauty as a legacy’.

Dior HQ Sydney is a harmonious blend of timeless elegance and modern functionality, mirroring the way the House of Dior continually reinvents its unique heritage and savoir-faire.

The Australian headquarters now stands as a physical embodiment of Parisian haute couture, where artistry and cultural influence converge, inviting employees and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the world of Dior.

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