Golden Harbour Residence, Florida

Project - Golden Harbour Residence

Location - Boca Raton, Florida

Product Used - BPF21/5007/180 Rhyl

Designer - SKETCH. A design studio

“Step into the world of design excellence as we explore the captivating spaces of Golden Harbour, where the focal point is the remarkable wood flooring by Havwoods. At SKETCH. A design studio, we are firm believers that every interior holds a unique narrative. In the case of Golden Harbour, that narrative seamlessly weaves together timeless craftsmanship and modern finesse.  

Our collaboration with Havwoods led us to the pinnacle of wood flooring artistry: the European oak engineered material from the Henley collection, enriched with the captivating Rhyl hue. This wood material, characterized by its distinctive smoked and textured finish, captures the elegance found in nature. Its ashy tones exude warmth, creating an inviting and comforting atmosphere throughout the home. However, beyond its aesthetics, this wood stands strong against the passage of time – a crucial attribute for a home that accommodates the bustling activity of two dogs and a young child.

Upon entering the home, a wire-brushed black granite floor welcomes you, offering a striking contrast to the intricate two-story millwork. The meticulously crafted staircase, featuring custom-designed railing and floor-to-ceiling wainscoting in Farrow and Ball's Strong White, is a masterpiece of both craftsmanship and design innovation. The wood flooring, with its Rhyl hue, beautifully complements the clean white backdrop. The wood's organic textures and nuanced shades harmonize with the wainscoting, creating a visual symphony that reverberates throughout the residence. 

Progressing through the foyer and ascending the staircase to the master suite, you'll notice how the wood flooring's elegance extends into the kitchen – a culinary sanctuary that blends elegance and practicality. While the wood flooring itself isn't employed in this space, it has been meticulously color-matched to the kitchen cabinetry, establishing a seamless connection between these areas. As you continue up the stairs to the master suite, the wood flooring seamlessly transitions into the primary bathroom, uniting these private spaces. Carefully chosen contrasting materials play in harmony here too, with deeper wood tones for the cabinetry and the stunning beauty of Cristallo Quartzite, creating a luminous platform for the bathtub – a poetic centerpiece. Amidst all this, the Havwoods wood material takes center stage, embodying durability, elegance, and a timeless allure. 

At Sketch, we take pride in curating spaces that celebrate nature's finest materials, transforming interiors into artful expressions of life's beauty. This wood flooring serves as a cornerstone for the home's finishes, anchoring the entire design narrative with its timeless allure. Carefully selected early in the design process, its exquisite ashy tones set the tone for subsequent material choices, enhancing its inherent natural characteristics.  

In Golden Harbour, the Havwoods wood flooring transcends its utilitarian purpose – it becomes an integral part of the design philosophy. It's a canvas on which our design visions materialize, representing sophistication and durability. At Sketch, we are dedicated to crafting spaces where every element harmonizes to tell a compelling story. Golden Harbour exemplifies the transformative power of wood, elevating spaces, enhancing aesthetics, and creating lasting impressions.”