Luxury Family Houston Home

Project - Jillian O'Neill Luxe Showcase House

Location - Houston, TX

Product Used - HW16408 Ferro Plank

Designer - Jillian O'Neill

Photographer - Kerry Kirk

Havwoods collaborated with interior and furniture designer, Jillian O’Neill, on Luxe Magazine's showcase home in Texas. Read the Q+A with Jillian on her favorite design tips and insight into what's important when sourcing materials for a design project.

Ferro is such a unique tone, what made you choose this plank? 
Jillian: Admittedly, I was committed to a beautiful espresso color wood floor. My personal preference is similar to a sophisticated upper New York, Upper East Side residence. Two things came into play to change my mind: 

I realized I would love to incorporate rich wood cabinets in the kitchen, so that my modern design was warm and satisfying. That inevitably conflicted with my dark floor idea. 

My house was surrounded by a lot of nature, for which I was grateful, but unfortunately didn’t allow much natural light to come in. I really wanted a “brighter” look during day time.

Ferro was ultimately the perfect neutral. Almost colorless, yet the color of nature itself. I could pair warm and cool tones with it and both results were striking.  


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The color and texture combinations in the home are beautiful – what inspired these? How do you incorporate color in your designs? 

Jillian: Thank you! I have to give a lot of credit to my dear friend Sarah. It was very overwhelming for me to tackle my own home. I see TOO MUCH beauty in this industry and it was analysis paralysis.  I happened to be gathering samples and inspiration one day and Sarah said to me “Jillian, this is all beautiful, but it just isn’t you. And how is there no purple?”. She was right. I ditched the new inspiration and went right too the box I save with just a handful of samples - even ones from when I started my career 15 years ago - that were just “me” and that I always loved. That began to bring the entire design together. It came easily from there. 

We encourage our clients to view wood in all types of lighting; What role does lighting play in choosing materials/finish/color? 
Jillian: Oh my, clearly a very large part as…well, have I mentioned lighting in every other answer so far??  It’s not actually rocket science, it is work and patience. Keep your samples out for weeks even. They will change like chameleons right before your eyes and you’re bound to have a favorite once you live with them. 

Why is the floor choice important when designing a home?
Jillian: Flooring choice is vital. It needs to be an anchor for the overall home design. Does it harmonize with the architecture? With the furniture style? Is it durable? Does it flow well from room to room?  All of these factors need considering in order to pull the entire scheme together for a home.  


As a furniture creator, what should clients think about when mixing different types of wood or other materials in their designs? 
Oh this is so fun. It’s ALL about materials. Well almost…For me it starts with a sculptural sketch and then I get immersed in the materials. Playing with buckets of samples and seeing which one lights up another. Or seeing craftsmen in their element and begin inspired that way. It really is so inspiring. 

You’ve created something chic AND family friendly – no easy feat. Any secrets here for home owners who still want a beautiful space with a family?
Oh I LOVE this questions! I live with 4 children and a dog so our home is subjected to EVERYTHING!  

1. Splurge on lighting - jewelry for the home and is the TOP element to creating mood and luxury in a home. 
2. Use outdoor fabrics on dining chairs and other seating 
3. Don’t fool yourself that chic and comfort don’t mix. They TOTALLY can…with the right sources.

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