Mark Ingram Bridal Shop

Project - Mark Ingram Bridal Shop

Location - New York, NY

Product Used - HW7988 Corniga

Designer - Hao Lam

Photographer - Melanie Landsman

Having worked with Havwoods during her tenure at a hospitality firm, Interior Designer Hao Lam knew the quality and realiability she could expect for her latest project. Tasked with bringing a client's vision to life, Hao aimed to create a dreamlike ambiance that catered to every woman's fantasy. She chose a soothing palette of warm greens, blues, and grays , ultimately selecting Corniga wood for its ability to brighten and elevate the space. "The lightness of the wood lifted up the space, without overshadowing any elements," Hao explained.

Hao believes in the importance of choosing wood flooring that not only looks beautiful but also serves the space functionally. "Look for subtlety; the tone should align with your desired style, ensuring a harmonious flow throughout the area. Consider functionality as well; a durable, thicker plank allows for future refinishing with minimal upkeep," she advises. Through her expertise, Hao seamlessly integrates practicality with aesthetic appeal, crafting spaces that are both inviting and enduring.