Nantucket Residence

Project - Nantucket

Product Used - Custom Columba

Designer - Tracy Murray

Architect - Mark Cutone Architecture

Developer - M2 Developers | Unique Homes, Inc

This newly renovated property, located in the highly coveted area of Nantucket, stands out with its unique attention to detail. Designed by Mark Cutone Architecture, the compound setting boasts superb finishes and specifications that leave no aspect overlooked. Arabescato marble is repeated throughout space providing both continuity in design and a striking persona all to its own.

By opting for a customized option, they were able to select the specifics that aligned with their aesthetic preferences. Customization allows for greater control over the material selection and ensures that the floor not only meets the homeowners' visual expectations but also meets their functional needs, such as durability and resistance to wear and tear. 

One of the standout features of the property is the Havwoods Columba floor color chosen by the homeowners. The floor's grain variation piqued their interest, offering a touch of natural charm, while its clean and fresh appearance perfectly complemented the overall design scheme. The combination of these factors made the Columba floor an ideal choice to enhance the property's unique aesthetic. 

Upon entering the Great Room, the homeowners were captivated by the dramatic 19' voluminous ceilings, serving as an absolute showstopper. The open space with high ceilings presented an opportunity to enhance the perceived length and spaciousness of the area. By opting for custom wood floorboards with a width of 7 ½" instead of 4 ¾" and length of 6”, they strategically leveraged the power of visual perception to create the illusion of an elongated room. The longer boards create uninterrupted lines that stretch across the space, drawing the gaze towards the farthest points of the room. This effect not only makes the area appear more expansive but also adds a sense of elegance and sophistication.

In harmony with the European oak flooring, solid white rift oak beams were incorporated to create symmetry and balance within the space. The kitchen design follows a robust and minimalist approach, while providing high functionality. The waterfall island marble countertop beautifully contrasts with the long straight floor panels, allowing it to stand out while maintaining a sense of warmth from the floor color. The cooler undertones of the Columba floor prevent the overall aesthetic from becoming too overpowering, resulting in a clean and harmonious look.