Old Town Modern in Virginia

Project - Old Town Modern

Location - Alexandria, VA

Product Used - HW2045 Holme Herringbone

Designer - Choux Designs (Anne Marie Hauer)

Architect - Linden + Kehyari Associates, LLC

Contractor - Linden + Kehyari Associates, LLC

Photographer - Robert Radifera for Stylish Productions

Choux Designs carefully chose our Holme Herringbone to complete a residential project in Virginia that follows the studio's mantra of creating traditionally modern interiors, full of heritage and history, that are as unique as the people that dwell in them.

Havwoods had a chance to sit down for a Q+A with Anne Marie Hauer, of Choux Designs, to hear what brought this residential renovation to life. 

What made you choose this particular herringbone?

This project involved an addition and remodel to a 1920’s brick colonial, where the clients wanted to embrace a more modern vibe. They asked the architect to open up a previously closed off doorway, so that when you walked into the house you could see all the way from the front of the house into the back giving the entire first floor a more open feeling.

"The herringbone floors offer an old-world vibe in a more modern setting and provide a beautiful transition from the front to the back of the home."  

You have so many wonderful textures in this home, why are they important to the design?

Textures create layers and layers help to create an interesting home that tells a story. The painted brick on the large wall adjoining the old and new spaces is a historical reminder of what the house once was (where it ended). The plaster finish on the new range hood softens the crisp white cabinets and marries the old world finishes to the modern elements surrounding it. The herringbone floor is the tie that binds everything together.

How does flooring play an important role in the design of the space?

Flooring informs the design direction of a space whether it be modern, traditional or somewhere in between. It is also a leading factor in setting the mood, dictating whether a space feels warm and inviting or cool and crisp.

Havwoods offers a beautiful product that feels both modern and timeless. It looks and feel expertly crafted yet has the durability of new age materials. The addition to this home was set on a crawl space with radiant heating planned. The Havwoods Holme product was the perfect material choice as it is engineered and is built to minimize the expansion and contraction from hydronic radiant heat.

What is one of the most important things to keep in mind for designing a residential space?

The most important detail to consider when designing a home is who is living in it and how it will be used. Not only making selections that reflect the people that live in the home, but how they will use it. As it relates to flooring, do they have kids and pets? Will there be a lot of traffic in this area, what’s the durability of the flooring, will it hold up to pet nails and furniture movement, can it be sanded if needed?