Ovadia x Havwoods House Tour

Location - Midwood, Brooklyn

Product Used - HW3436 | Blanco Chevron - HW3474 Blanco 13 Prime

Designer - Ovadia Design Group

Photographer - Five7media

Ovadia Design has created a top-tier interior design for this magnificent residence nestled in Midwood, Brooklyn. Upon stepping into the combined dining and living room area, guests are immediately welcomed by two bespoke marble columns with ornate brass screens. 

The flooring, boasting a soft hue, showcases the Havwoods Blanco chevron design, while the living area provides a beautiful centered ground hand tufted area that serves as a striking focal point. Meanwhile, the dining room boasts walls adorned with hand-painted gold leaf wallpaper.

A true highlight of the home is the awe-inspiring three-story staircase, seemingly floating at the heart of the residence. The staircase features Blanco white oak flooring from Havwoods, its color perfectly complementing the surroundings. Moving upward to the second and third floors, guests encounter custom-built chandeliers by Gabriel Scott, each meticulously crafted to perfection.

The fourth floor unveils a bespoke library and home office, complete with an impressive dividing wall. Two bedrooms on this level feature tailor-made wallpaper, custom-built beds, and a lounge area. Throughout this breathtaking home, Havwoods flooring seamlessly extends into the master bedroom, adding to the overall sense of elegance.