Renovated Mid-Century Modern Cottage

Project - Renovated Mid-Century Modern Cottage

Location - Amagansett, New York

Product Used - Aspen Raw Character HW3676

Architect - Michelle Cianfaglione & Victoria Benatar from EXD ARCHITECTURE


This modern Mid-Century cottage was transformed by EXD Architecture to honor its past, while also providing a comfortable getaway for a family of four from Manhattan. This full-gut renovation updated and winterized the property with modern amenities, while maintaining the mid-century modern style. 

One of the biggest challenges during the renovation was to unite the kitchen, dining, and living room in a ‘layered program’ open plan that wouldn't compete with the ‘mid-century’ look of the angled walls on either side of the house. EXD Architecture successfully tackled this challenge by carefully selecting finishes and colors that complemented the style of the home.

This update incorporated a healthy mix of new and old; the old stairs were replaced with a more robust floating stair with overlapping wood treads, and paired with a cable suspension railing system and wood handrail to match the flooring.  

Aspen Raw floors, from Havwoods’ Venture Plank collection, were selected to complement the aesthetic of the home, leaning into its mid-century characteristics. The blonde color of the floor, with subtle shades of brown, perfectly complemented the coastal blue décor and whitewashed walls, creating a beautiful natural honey dew blend.  

The Venture Plank collection is best known for its high-quality engineered boards characterized by its range of captivating shades and smooth finish. This collection is ideal for most residential and commercial settings. 

Overall, this cottage is now a stunning retreat that perfectly blends modern amenities with the historic charm of its mid-century modern style.