Project - Studio201 by Jehnna Foster

Location - Brooklyn, NY

Product Used - HW2045 | Holme

Builder - Builder Boxwood Construction

Photographer - Chaunté Vaughn

As a Davines Guest artist and educator, Jehnna Foster aligns with the ethos of sustainability, minimalism, and environmental consciousness in both her personal and professional life. With a  background in hairstyling and colorist work spanning two decades, she embarked on creating her dream hair studio, driven by a vision of a space that reflects her values.

Every aspect of the studio’s design was meticulously curated, from vintage furniture to VOC-free paint and sustainability-sourced materials. “When it came time to choose the flooring I knew it had to be FSC rated! The hardest part was doing all of this on a self-funded budget. Enter my discovery of Havwoods, where the style, function, aesthetics and to my very pleasant surprise budget!”

“When I first started doing design inspiration for the studio there were two very common factors.... herringbone floors and ceiling medallions with modern ceiling fixtures. Havwoods easy installation process also made it easier to stay on budget for the project with the fact it only took one day and a half for it to be installed.” 

The range of colors offered, particularly in tones of blonde, perfectly matched Jehnna’s vision. Impressed by the durability and stain resistance, she tested the samples with hair color, confirming Havwoods’ resilience, “ When I had my two Havwood samples in my hands I did what all salon owners should do.... put hair color on it! I mixed up three formulas of both demi-permanent hair color (a gloss that is very drippy and most often dripped on salon floors), and 3 permanent colors.... only after 45 minutes did anything stain was the darkest demi-permanent color, almost unnoticeable however. Everything else wiped away perfectly leaving no stains. I cannot speak highly enough about how amazing that is in a salon space.”