Dark Wood Flooring

30 Nov 2020

Choosing dark wood flooring is a clean, bold, yet elegant design choice. Havwoods has a variety of dark wood floor products ranging in different widths, thicknesses and styles.

Darker shades can vary in color, texture and tone. There are warm and cool tones of dark wood, and there are different wood grades - which mean some will have more knotting than others.

Dark wood flooring can be flexible with interior styles. When matched with clean whites, monochromatic themes or bold colors, cool dark shades can achieve a modern style space. Warmer tones in flooring create a warm, inviting, classic feel that can be a bit more traditional in style.

Dark wood flooring usually pairs better with darker furniture. Light woods and tones can look too stark against darker wood.

Dark flooring can also create a rich, dramatic space.  For less drama, using natural light can provide a more spacious feel to any project.

Make sure you see a sample of the chosen wood color in person. You can order a sample of all of our products online. Look at the free samples at different times of day, in different lighting, to help find the perfect dark wood flooring for your space.

order free samples OF OUR DARK WOOD FLOORS to compare your favorites, in person.


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