Design Interview: Color and Glamour with Eneia White

26 Apr 2020

In line with our Spring theme of Color and Glamour, Havwoods sat down with Eneia White, the queen of both design elements, to see how she incorporates color and excitement into the different spaces she designs.

Q: What’s your favorite way to incorporate color into your designs?
A: The walls! I love setting the tone with fun color schemes. Wallpapers with cool patterns or something unexpected, like a colored ceiling.

Q: How does wood play an important role in your design concepts?
A: Wood flooring and wall cladding tell a story of warmth and layering, that can be difficult to achieve otherwise. Roomsthat make you feel “hugged” often times incorporate a wood element that set the vibe.

Q: Why do you like working with Havwoods?
A: I love how easy you guys make it for designers to just “create”. The showroom is always stocked, samples are easy to obtain, and there really is a color and finish or projects ranging from bold to reserved.

Q: What’s your favorite activity or method to stay inspired?
A: I love being around beautiful things in general. I enjoy collecting samples and trinkets from vendors, and fixing the to a board or laying them on my desk. I’ll arrange unexpected colors and materials, layering my favorite pieces and using them as a starting point to create something special.

Q: Any tips for designing eclectic or glamorous spaces? What do you usually keep in mind during the design process?
A: Eclectic spaces are the most fun! I’ll start with 1-2 materials I might not have the opportunity to use during a “calmer” project and then choose supporting pieces or materials that let it shine.

Q: You’ve got a very engaging Instagram account! How does this social media platform help you as a designer?
A: I’m so grateful for how far Instagram has taken my business! IG stories help me to connect with fellow designers, but also captivate and educate prospective clients on what the design process really looks like, and how much work goes into a typical room, especially in a city like New York! I get a lot of leads from homeowners who have followed me on Instagram for a bit, before reaching out.

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