Designers Market

11 Aug 2023

At Havwoods we are always thinking of creative ways to engage designers with our wood floors. In today’s digital age, getting designers, architects, and contractors to visit showrooms has become a challenge, especially after the dominance of virtual communication. While virtual interactions have had their advantages, they have left some longing for more personal connections.  The concept behind the Designers Market event was to break away from the confines of the screens, offering a unique opportunity for designers and vendors to connect face-to-face. 

Our goal was to simplify the sourcing process for designers by bringing together a selection of local design brands in a single space. To achieve this, we curated a lineup of 9 non-competitive vendors who showcased their products and represented their companies during the event. 

Designers Market Summer 23’ Lineup

  2. Marble Buro
  3. Original BTC
  4. Laine + Alliage 
  5. Forbes and Lomax
  6. Garrett Leather 
  7. Romo
  8. Accurate Hardware 
  9. Lutron 

The Designers Market event turned our luxury wood flooring showroom into a vibrant hub of creativity. Fostering meaningful conversations and forging valuable partnerships. Designers had the chance to interact with a range of diverse materials, while vendors got to showcase their offerings directly to the target audience. 


By prioritizing in-person interactions, we aimed to spark inspiration, facilitate collaboration, and strengthen relationships within the design community. The event was a resounding success, leaving both designers and vendors eager for more social gatherings. 

We believe nurturing personal connections and experiencing products firsthand are irreplaceable aspects of the design process. The Designers Market event exemplified our commitment to providing enriching experiences that go beyond virtual platforms. 

As we look ahead, we are excited to continue hosting events that empower designers to discover, connect, and create with our wood floors, fostering a thriving and vibrant design community.

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