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Havwoods unveils Yakisugi Veneers

30 Sep 2019

Named after 4 renowned Japanese volcanoes, our Yakisugi veneers are inspired by the traditional method of wood charring dating back to the 18th century to create durable, rustic-looking wall surfaces. Caldera, Oshima, Usu and Esan will be available from October.

The technique of Yakisugi involves slightly charring the surface of the wood, this process then accentuates the grain and creates a distinctive, rustic finish. Although it is used mainly as external cladding across Asia, the panels look equally as artistic when used internally too. The imperfect, natural look of Yakisugi (also known as Shou Sugi Ban), which translates loosely in English to "burned cedar board", has seen a recent resurgence with architects around the world, aiming for an elegant, yet textured look for their interiors.

Japan has influenced Western interior and exterior design for well over 150 years, and this is no exception. Our bespoke Yakisugi range is made from handcrafted pine and available in a variety of bold colors, and are perfect for both the home and commercial projects such as hospitality, restaurants and modern design offices.

Our Japanese inspired range will be available to order in October and features in the October-December 2019 Woodbook. 

Yakisugi Range Colours

A multitude of bright and vibrant colors are available to order alongside our stocked Yakisugi range, to request a quote, click here.

2020 Q1 Woodbook Available Now

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