In Conversation With Franky Rousell

9 Oct 2020

We recently had a delightful conversation with Franky Rousell, the Founder of Jolie Studio. During the interview we got to learn all about Jolie Studio’s highly interesting approach to design with focus on senses and emotionally driven experiences. 

Franky started Jolie Studio in 2017 after she had worked in the design industry for a number of years, primarily in the workspace sector. During this time Franky found that many workspace designs did not meet the client’s requirements in terms of the emotional side of things. Designs often looked beautiful on paper but lacked personality and human touch - they pleased the eye while there was nothing available for the other human senses. This was the very starting point for Franky to develop an alternative approach to design.

‘I felt we needed to take a whole new direction and approach for every design from the starting point of what we wanted people to feel and experience when they entered a space. I stared the journey by meeting with a lot of experts to really understand the human psychology. I spoke with neuroscientists, someone who was a Professor of Touch, I learned about psychology of colour, aromatherapy and spoke with a Gastronomist too to understand eating experiences,’ Franky recalls. 

Franky then went on to establish Jolie Studio delivering a new kind of design approach considering not only materials and colours but also soundscape, fragrance and even taste. Jolie Studio worked initially on commercial projects and but then expanded also into residential design.

‘At Jolie Studio we don’t design to the latest trends but with human psychology in mind. With our designs we aim for longevity with a strong link to sustainability, and we want to create feelings of community and connection with people. We often find that there is a real need for people to talk about their emotions and experiences. For us this is so important that we are able to connect with our clients on this level and to really understand what they are looking for from the design; what do they want people to feel and to experience in a space,’ Franky explains. 

‘When it comes to flooring we love using wood a lot as it is naturally comforting and welcoming, and it radiates positive energy. In terms of the colour itself, brown promotes the sense of strength and reliability. It is present in nature and therefore provides a primitive connection to the nature. It strengthens people’s feeling of longevity too as the floor is going to be there for a while and so it is often seen as a good investment,’ Franky says.

‘What’s really interesting in terms of texture is that when you introduce a more textured wood flooring product you progressively get people to open up a little more. This has a relaxing influence and sense of reassurance. And then there’s of course the scent of wood! We love working with a range of different wood scents we use in spaces as we know they really work. People feel very comfortable with natural fragrances with a richer, warmer, calming effect.’

To find out more about Jolie Studio please go to:  |  Instagram: @joliestudioltd  |  Photography by Billy Bolton