Organic-inspired flooring

1 Oct 2022

Our latest seasonal collection, is comprised of new floors that embrace an organic aesthetic. These new engineereed Walnut and Ash wood floors can provide a beautiful and sustainable foundation for any interior.

Embracing natural elements

There’s been an overall shift in design trends toward interior spaces that embrace natural elements. Using materials like wood, stone, linen, and other finishes made from the earth have ecological, health and overall wellness benefits...beyond their remarkable visual appeal. 

Our natural element-inspired collection introduces new Walnut and Ash wood floors that are equal parts beauty and function.

With namesakes that represent shades of the sun, our new bleached walnut flooring invokes the calming ambiance only found in nature. These two sultry shades can offer a warm or cool undertone-option, providing a foundation that both physically and mentally ground you.

Pulling inspiration from movements found in nature, these Ash wood floors capture the essence of fire, water and sand to give any interior the injection nature it needs. Don't let this soft palette fool you, these floors are a very durable hardwood in addition to a visual marvel.


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