Randi Garrett Collaborates with Havwoods

PROJECT - The Wren

LOCATION - Arizona

23 Feb 2023

Havwoods, in collaboration with designer Randi Garrett, created the ultimate European Oak flooring foundation for her family home in Arizona. By utilizing Havwoods' floor visualizer feature, Randi was able to render different options in real time, making her selection process easier.

 Through our expert consultation and sample process, Randi ultimately chose two favorite options - Amalgama in Plank and Herringbone - to complete her home's design.

Read on to see Randi Garrett’s design process and inspiration for her home.

Havwoods: How would you describe the design style of your home? 
RG: It’s a mixture of Traditional, French Glam elements. 

Havwoods: What was your favorite space to design?
RG: Bedrooms! I love, love, love the layers of pattern and texture you can add to a bed. Mixing fabric and patterns is one of my favorite elements of design.

Havwoods: What made you choose our Amalgama flooring?  
RG: Amalgama is a timeless, warm finish that gave each space a light and airy feeling while remaining cozy. The finish really invoked a sense of calmness that felt like home to me. Its neutral tone blended so beautifully with the many different marble and limestone elements in The Wren.

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Havwoods: Do you think your southern roots are reflected in your home design?

RG: Absolutely! Southern homes are rich with character, charm and of course lots of trim detail. When designing our home, The Wren, I was very intentional in adding many layers to each space. These details made each space feel like it could be found in a historic southern home.

Havwoods: Where do you pull design inspiration from?

RG: Everywhere! Inspiration is all around us! Nature, architecture and fashion to name a few. When I want to be inspired for a project, I usually turn to my favorite design books to spark an idea.

Havwoods: You also selected our Amalgama Herringbone, what made you choose two patterns? 

RG: In historic, French homes (my personal favorite), you will find a blend of patterns. It’s one way to have each room tell its own story. I love this charming, french detail and wanted to incorporate this into our home.

Havwoods: How have you maintained your floors to be in mint condition? 
RG: Vacuum daily and mop once a week. We don’t typically wear shoes in our home either. It’s been almost a year since we have moved into The Wren. I plan to condition the wood in the next few weeks to keep it looking its best.  

Havwoods: How would you describe your style?
RG: Livable luxury. We have 5 children and 2 dogs. Our home is very lived in. I believe you don’t have to sacrifice design for functionality. Purchase pieces that have durable elements. They cost a little more, but will stand the test of life! 

Havwoods: What is a personal life motto or quote you live by? 
RG: Be kind to everyone you meet. You never know what hard battles they are facing.

“I loved that Havwoods offered straight and herringbone patterns in the same color wood allowing the flooring in our home to blend seamlessly.”

Randi Garret's designed her dream home, with French provincial finishes and beautiful herringbone wood flooring provided by Havwoods. These classic touches are timeless and will never go out of style.If you are in the process of renovating or building a home and are looking for wood flooring to elevate your space, come and visit one of our showrooms and one of our friendly product specialists can help. Alternatively, you can order free wood flooring samples for an in-situ comparison.

You can also see the full project on her Instagram.