Product Ranges Explained


The use of smaller wooden battens or blocks to create intricate flooring patterns goes back hundreds of years and is currently undergoing a huge revival. The Versailles pattern was created to help transform a humble hunting lodge into the famous Chateau de Versailles for Louis XVI; nowadays designers are mixing colours, creating their own patterns, and even introducing other textures with tiles of ceramic, glass, or even rubber.

Havwoods herringbone, chevron and Versailles pattern panels originate from a number of different mills but, to make your search easier, we have brought most of them together under one collection. Here you will find both solid and engineered products, reclaimed, tumbled and painted blocks, as well as larger herringbone blocks for a contemporary look: all are of excellent quality, as you would expect, and more detailed construction information can be found in the introduction to the ‘Design from Havwoods products’ section.


The Havwoods’ Hand Grade collection redefines the spectacular. It essentially reinvents oak flooring by offering the most magnificent planks up to 13' (4m) long and almost 19" (1/2m) wide in a choice of eight sensational shades. Three of these are contemporary, whilst the remainder display the unique characteristics of a time-worn floor.

All Hand Grade products are supplied as pre-finished engineered boards, their enormous size enabled by superior stability provided by a triple layered construction with a base and lamella of European oak and core of WBP birch ply. They are finished with Hardwax Oil and the entire collection may be fitted over underfloor heating.

This is wood to reawaken your delight in wood flooring; to revise your preconceptions and revitalize your vision. We call it wood flooring reimagined. Special lead time apply when ordering Hand Grade.


Henley was originally devised as a collection suited to the needs of the hospitality industry, the criteria being fashion forward with interesting finishes which are still tough enough to withstand heavy footfall (we always personally test each and every one). The range is the ultimate designer’s tool: a pre-finished engineered collection from a number of different mills, all of which combine wonderful aesthetics with practicality, durability and structural integrity.

But Henley is equally suited to making a statement in a residential or retail property, and its defining quality now is that it is a pre-finished plank with texture, with a proportionally thick lamella (wear layer) and a UV cured oil or Hardwood Oil finish.

Many Henley planks are also available to order as herringbone or chevron battens, as well as in three or four other widths – just call to see if this applies to the product you require.

Henley products (with the exception of the end grain and walnut) are suitable for use over underfloor heating (conditions apply).


Intricate flooring patterns using narrow planks and blocks, are a long-time feature of Italian design and are increasingly featuring in contemporary interiors internationally. In the most adventurous designs they are being mixed with tiles of earthenware, stoneware, ceramic, stone, and even rubber or glass for a truly unique, stand-out look. A narrower, thinner timber product provides more flexibility for these patterns, so this collection of glue-down engineered tongue and groove planks, herringbone and chevron blocks is no more than 11mm thick

Featuring a 4mm wear layer of the finest European oak, slow grown in cold northern forests for a dense, even grain, this range is milled in probably the most sophisticated and highly automated facility we have encountered, ensuring a quite remarkable consistency. Only select grade timbers are chosen, and these are bonded to layers of quality spruce or birch ply to form a strong and stable board which is FSC® certified.

Italian Collection boards feature techniques which include brushing to open the grain and emphasize its natural characteristics, fuming and thermo treatments which darken it, and all are completed in-house. We stock three sizes, especially selected for producing the complex designs which are becoming such a strong feature of fashion-forward interiors. We also now stock a couple of 15mm thick products (a plank and a herringbone block) from the same mill: these were originally ordered especially for use in Southbank Tower.


These pre-finished, FSC® certified, 14mm engineered planks utilize a click system and triple layered construction involving two layers of softwood with a European oak lamella. They come from a well-established European mill with an enormous production capacity, and it is this huge capacity, combined with an insistence on maintaining in-house control of all aspects from the forest right through to the packing room floor, together with highly sophisticated quality control programmes, which ensures consistent deliveries of excellent quality and makes this range perfect for the largest of projects. In addition to the standard 180mm width boards there is also a small collection of 130mm wide planks, whilst PurePlank Wide provides a more impressive, 207mm board with a 3.5mm lamella, which makes it particularly durable for commercial applications.

PurePlank offers lacquered, oiled and UV oiled finishes within the range, the lacquered planks being particularly tough with seven layers of UV-cured acrylic. We recommend a further coat of finish after installation for oiled boards (UV oiled boards do not need this). All carry a 20-year residential warranty and may be fitted over underfloor heating (please ask for details before specifying).


Venture Plank is a quality, high performance, engineered board characterized by a comprehensive spectrum of interesting shades and a smooth finish. It is ideal for most applications.

A two-layered construction comprises of a hardwood surface, which accounts for around 25% or more of the overall depth, backed by a technically superior birch ply which ensures greater stability. It has a traditional tongue and groove profile with a beveled or micro-beveled edge and is milled to exceptional machining standards.

Venture Plank boards range from 13-21mm (1⁄2″-7⁄8″) thick, and from 180-260mm (7 1⁄8″-10 1⁄4″) wide. The majority of products are finished with a fourth generation UV cured Hardwax Oil, which provides exceptional durability whilst maintaining a natural appearance, and are suitable for use over under-floor heating.

The Venture Plank range is sourced from superior European mills. The 19mm (3⁄4″) pre-finished boards feature a 4mm (1⁄8″) wear layer with particularly interesting finishes, especially those which are thermally treated (fired). This ecologically sound treatment process uses no chemical additives to produce a dark timber with the color running throughout the lamella, offering a genuinely viable alternative to tropical hardwoods. Furthermore, the process reduces the moisture content, increasing decay- and water-resistance, and can increase stability by more than 50%.

The 13mm (1⁄2″) and 20mm (3⁄4″) feature a particularly thick lamella (4mm (1⁄8″) on the 13mm (1⁄2″) products and 6mm (1⁄4″) on the 20mm (3⁄4″) products). Those denoted by an asterisk are Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Bronze and are also available as FSC® Certified (FSC-C009500) as a special order.


Relik embraces Havwoods’ collection of reclaimed planks only; reclaimed chevron and herringbone blocks are included in our Design collection.

Aged timber is visually inspiring and frequently comes with a fascinating history too. For example, our Organic Painted Pine planks are reclaimed from centuries-old American barns and farmhouses left empty after the exodus into the cities and still wear the remnants of their original paintwork. Like all the Relik range held in stock in North America, these boards are made into pre-finished engineered products. Engineering makes better use of the finite resources of timber which is reclaimed from barns, quays, docks or even fishing boats, and results in commercially viable, consistently sized boards which are easy to fit and so stable they may even be used over underfloor heating.

If you don’t find exactly what you want in our Relik range, you may wish to look on where they hold a much larger collection. Any product on this site may also be ordered from ourselves in North America, but will, of course, be subject to shipping delays of several weeks.


The vast majority of Havwoods’ products may be used as cladding as well as flooring, but the Vertical collection has been complied from products designed quite specifically for this purpose.

Once again, they have been sourced from a number of different mills and so have varying construction methods – details of which can be found in the introduction to the product section – but they include both solid and engineered products.


With over 300 wood products in our portfolio our passion for wood is indisputable, but occasionally we find a non-wood product which impresses us enough to include it. TrikBrik is one such product. 

Contemporary design is all about textures, so brick and stone now feature strongly in interiors. The downside is that they are heavy, messy to fit and require a skilled labour force; brick slips make use of any existing structure, but are equally as messy and are still best left to a bricklayer. TrikBrik is completely different: designed as a square interlocking cladding panel system, it comes complete with mastic and paints (sometimes several to achieve the effect) to hide the joins, and it enables you to achieve authentic-looking brick and stone walls and other features, quickly and cleanly using unskilled labour.

High density polyurethane, polyester resin and crushed marble stone produce an exceptionally light yet durable, highly realistic panel, with excellent thermal, acoustic and flame retardant properties. TrikBrik is water repellant and non-permeable, so will not be affected by humidity; nor will it fade in the sun. The panels are easily cut to size, requiring no special tools, and can be treated with anti-graffiti formula if required. Furthermore, they can be repainted with a polyester resin paint; so you can create a wall with endless options.