The Italian Collection

Inspired by the intricate floors of Italy, this collection of narrower, thinner planks, chevron and herringbone blocks provide more flexibility for laying in complex patterns or mixing with tiles in other materials. A chevron, a herringbone block and a plank are available in every shade.

A highly consistent engineered board with two layers: a surface of select grade slow-grown European oak which accounts for over 1⁄3 of the overall depth is backed with a spruce or birch ply, Italian collection features a traditional tongue and groove profile.

Italian collection boards have a lacquered finish, are FSC® certified, and are suitable for fitting over underfloor heating. Please note that all herringbone and chevron blocks are supplied with a groove on two sides and tongue on two and are handed.

Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance and captivating beauty of Italian inspired hardwood flooring

Inspired by the rich heritage and artistry of Italian craftsmanship, this exquisite collection of hardwood flooring elevates any space with its undeniable charm and sophisticated character.

The Italian Collection features a curated selection of meticulously crafted wood, each plank whispering stories of Italian tradition:

  • Timeworn Elegance: Indulge in the rustic allure of European oak, showcasing the subtle imperfections and natural variations that tell the story of a bygone era. Embrace the warmth and character of Italian farmhouse living.

  • Modern Minimalism: For a touch of contemporary Italian design, explore our sleek and sophisticated walnut planks. The rich, dark tones and clean lines create a sense of effortless luxury, perfect for modern American living spaces.

  • Rustic Chic: Capture the essence of Italian countryside living with our collection of reclaimed wood flooring. Each plank, imbued with history and character, tells a unique tale and adds a touch of rustic charm to your home.

Explore our diverse collection and discover the perfect narrow plank flooring to transform your space.

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