Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is where individual pieces or blocks of wood are fitted together to form a patterned floor. Usually, but not necessarily, these patterns are geometric in shape, and the most popular of them are created using four-sided blocks. The best known parquet flooring patterns are chevron and herringbone, although basket weave, Flanders weave or brick patterns in both stack bond or stretcher bond are also absolutely stunning, and the classic pattern know as Versailles is once again becoming popular. The complexity of installation meant that parquet flooring was traditionally a sign of wealth, but modern milling methods now make it a truly beautiful option open to all.


Parquet wood flooring is traditionally made of wooden blocks, arranged into geometric shapes to create a stunning patterned floor. The individual sections are interlaced to present an array of different tones and grains, resulting in beautifully contrasting textures that show the natural wood finish at its very finest. Even though the finish may have a delicate appeal, as with all wood floors, Parquet flooring is incredibly hard-wearing. Havwoods Parquet range is predominantly made from engineered wood, retaining the durable characteristics of a wooden floor, without compromising on the wide variety of finishes, tones, textures, and patterns with which Parquet has become synonymous.


'Parquetry' is the established name for the art of creating intricate geometric mosaic patterns from small sections of wood for decorative effect. Despite the name 'Parquet' being most commonly associated with one particular design, the term actually covers a wide variety of different styles and patterns, the most popular of which is Herringbone. The popularity of different parquet patterns does tend to change throughout the world, with Europeans favouring Herringbone and intricate Versailles patterns, whereas the classic Chevron is a very popular choice in North America. Havwoods' selection contains all of the most popular patterns, as well as specially created additions from our own design team, such as the stunning Aliman Rustic panel.


Traditionally, the art of creating detailed and intricate patterns from wood could take a craftsman several weeks to complete, depending on the floor area. This is because each individual block would need to be cut and sanded to create a seemless and hard-wearing finish. Nowadays, milling machinery is able to cut wood to such a fine tolerance that the resulting wooden blocks fit together with incredible accuracy. Many of Havwoods flooring parquet patterns are also provided as pre-made sections, with the most intricate detail being completed in our facility, enabling you to cover large areas in detailed patterns with the greatest of ease.