Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring looks stunning, is highy individual and works with both traditional and contemporary design schemes. But, unless you are careful about your source, it may be a risky specification. Supplies can be unreliable and any lack of uniformity makes fitting a lengthier, and therefore costlier process, as well as resulting in high levels of wastage. Reclaimed wood flooring from Havwoods, however, is the genuine article, but it has been sawn, sanded and profiled to 21st Century standards, ensuring a level of consistency that can be relied on for even the largest of projects.

Reclaimed wood tells a story

Many of our reclaimed wood flooring planks started life over 300 years ago as saplings in the great oak forests of North America. When the trees reached maturity they were cut down, by hand, and dragged by horse to the rivers; logging was a winter operation since snow provided lubrication, thus making transportation easier. The logs were floated downstream to small sawmills, probably producing only around 500 planks a day. Eventually, these planks would be bought by settlers, and the entire community would help use them to build barns, farms, houses and stores.

Of course, some of our reclaimed wood comes from much further away: our Venetian Lagoon herringbone really has spent many decades beneath Italian waters as mooring posts and briccola (the groups of poles which indicate the navigable waterways). Their incredible coloration and distinctive markings are created by mineral deposits in the water and a particular species of mollusk. And the source is extremely limited: just 150 of these posts are replaced annually.

All of our genuine reclaimed wood flooring has its own story to tell. And now these valuable and finite resources have yet another life: made is into tongue and groove, ends matched engineered boards which are not only consistent and easy to install, they are even suitable for use over underfloor heating.​

Alternative rustic wood flooring

If you want rustic wood flooring on a reduced budget, take a look at the reproduction reclaimed planks on this page. These are extremely durable and highly effective, using distressing techniques to replicate the effects of aging.

But if you don't find exactly what you want here, check out our wonderful Henley range. The entire collection is characterized as pre-finished planks with a textured surface. Sometimes this is achieved by distressing, sometimes by sawing, brushing, burning or planing, but whatever the technique, the appearance is always fabulous. And if you want rustic flooring in a herringbone block take a look the tumbled oak blocks in Design from Havwoods. If you would like to know more about this range, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.