Flannels, United Kingdom

Project - Flannels

Location - United Kingdom

Product Used - HW16009 COLUMBA SELECT 70MM BLOCK

Designer - Argent Design

Installer - Dykes Wood Flooring

Photographer - Joas Souza

Instagram - flannels

Flannels, a luxury retailer with 50 stores across the UK, launch three of their stores in Fosse Park, Liverpool, and Meadowhall.   

Flannels has been around since 1976 and prides itself on offering a curated selection of designer clothing and accessories.  

Whilst offering a full-turnkey solution, EB Designs, who project managed and directed the installturned to Havwoods for the flooring. 

Havwoods’ Columba Select 70mm Block from The Italian Collection was chosen which is FSC® (FSC-COO9500) certified timber. 

The hardwood flooring by Havwoods is a standout feature in the renovated stores. Columba Select offers a unique aesthetic that complements the luxury designer clothing and accessories that Flannels offers.  

The FSC certification of the flooring also underscores Flannels' commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing. The final install demonstrates the importance of attention to detail and quality when it comes to creating a luxury retail experience. The renovated stores showcase Flannels' dedication to providing their customers with the very best products and experiences.