Old Hall Caravan Park, Lancashire

Project - Old Hall Caravan Park,

Location - Lancashire

Installer - Arradfoot Balconies

Photographer - Scopic

Established in 1983, the Old Hall Caravan Park, located within seventy acres of stunning private woodland, offers a serene and secure relaxing environment for tourists during the holidays.  

Complementing one of the peaceful riverside hideaways, Havwoods’stunning Trekker decking in a soft charcoal finish has been used to create a beautiful exterior surface, perfect for outdoor seating and dining.

With its anti-slip properties, high UV resistance and authentic brushed grain surface, the decking used offers no danger of splinters or algae, making it a safe surface option for both younger and older families. 

The boards used are environmentally friendly and do not rot or warp – providing an incredibly maintenance-free option.

The decking contrasts beautifully against the white panelling of the home, bringing a sleek and modern finish to the overall look.