Meet Abbie from our Clerkenwell Showroom

24 Aug 2022

We spoke with Abbie Mason, our Showroom Consultant at the Clerkenwell showroom in London. Abbie is a recent interior design graduate with a strong passion for design, and someone who enjoys working within the creative industry. Abbie joined Havwoods in May 2022.

‘I like working at Havwoods because it involves much more than just assisting clients in choosing a floor; you get to take part in an important design stage, learn a lot more about the project, and develop relationships’, Abbie explains.

‘I was recently asked to create mood boards with wood flooring samples. Different design components served as the inspiration for these mood boards. Pattern, colour, contrast, and texture are some of these components. Customers, in my opinion, benefit from mood boards because they can visualise the wood in the space with other materials. Customers may also see what colours complement the wood, which is another benefit.’

Abbie continues, ‘I would advise looking at something that inspires you before beginning to gather your resources if you wanted to make your own mood board. To capture the overall look you desire, be careful to keep in mind important components like balance and contrast. Lastly, add a balance between hard and soft furnishes.’

You can meet Abbie to discuss your design requirements at our Clerkenwell showroom!


This mood board showcases the importance of balance in a space. Balance is what gives a sense of calm and flow to a space. Mierlo is a heavily brushed and smoked oak that brings texture to an interior. The oiled finish allows the wood to feel a lot more natural. It has hints of driftwood; and subtle hues allow it to blend harmoniously with both traditional and contemporary settings. It’s been paired by the Vetro tile to give the mood board a slight contrast.


Contrast is a fundamental element of interior design because it adds visual interest to a space that makes it striking and dynamic, this mood board showcases this. Amazon is a neutral oak that has hints of pastel white, it is an elegant floor that can be moulded to both a traditional and contemporary feel. The accompanying tile is from Havwoods’ sister company Vetro, and it was chosen to the mood board to bring more texture and depth. Textures allow a space to feel more intimate and grounded whilst adding further depth.


Your home will acquire a completely different atmosphere, dimension, and manner that light reflects around the room if you use pattern in interior design. A noticeable directional movement is produced by a recurring element or design, and this type of accent is known as a pattern. The wood flooring product Vuren, which has been highly brushed and smoked, goes well with this design. The hard structural lines and wave of grain provide a subtle contrast that gives the mood board more depth. Additionally, because Vuren is a smoked product, it will have variance, which gives the floor a much more natural appearance.


Colours can be used to give the impression that a space is larger or smaller. Light colours are the best choice if the room is small and has little natural light. Darker colours will produce a cosy, inviting atmosphere in a large room. Beautiful, fumed wood flooring called Notte can give a room a much more historic feel. Fumigation draws out product grain, which contributes to depth when laid. To give balance, you may combine lighter materials with this wood. In order to make it more effective and to experiment with both traditional and modern interiors, you can use old, styled woods with vibrant colours.