Wood flooring in the kitchen

13 Oct 2021

We are often asked if wood flooring is suitable for a kitchen. As a rule, we wouldn’t recommend wood flooring for some of the most wet or humid environments, but as the moisture levels in the kitchen areas tend to be lower than for example in a bathroom, it can work.

By installing wood floor in the kitchen be it someone’s home, office or a café, is a great design solution achieving a continuous flow between spaces, which in turn can make spaces appear lighter, brighter and larger.

Wood flooring type

When selecting the type of wood flooring for a kitchen we recommend an engineered option over a solid wood option. This is because the multi-layered construction of an engineered wood flooring means that it is far less prone to warping in areas where moisture is present, for example around the sink. The stability of engineered planks also allows for installation over underfloor heating, which is ideal for restaurants, communal workspaces as well as the modern home.

A timeless choice

With its unique natural beauty and inherent character, wood flooring will add effortless style to any kitchen space. From warm wooden hues to dark and moody shades, there are many finishes to choose from when it comes to selecting the perfect floor. Comfort underfoot is also essential and unlike other surface options wood flooring is a much softer and more comfortable choice. This is especially key in environments where the user needs to spend a long period of time on their feet.

Care and maintenance

Unlike the bathroom, excess water levels are much lower in the kitchen. Aside from the tap, the other main appliances aren’t regular sources of moisture and therefore will not damage the floor. In the unfortunate event of a spillage, if cleaned up quickly the floor is unlikely to split or warp. If the floor has been sealed it will remain protected from the occasional spillage, however for the more serious water damage, for example a burst pipe or leak, the whole floor may need replacing. These events are of course rare, and damage would happen regardless of the material choice. Remember that it is also essential to use the right maintenance products in accordance with Havwoods’ guidelines.

Whilst UV oiled floors are an excellent and very popular choice for kitchens, we tend to recommend they are over-coated after installation to ensure they are given the best protection and maximum durability for this high-wear environment.

To find the perfect wood flooring for your kitchen, explore our extensive range to find the perfect colour and design for you!