Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring looks stunning, is highly individual and works with both traditional and contemporary design schemes. But, unless you are careful about your source, it may be a risky specification. Supplies can be unreliable and any lack of uniformity makes fitting a lengthier, and therefore costlier process, as well as resulting in high levels of wastage. Reclaimed wood flooring from Havwoods, however, is the genuine article, but it has been sawn, sanded and profiled to 21st Century standards, ensuring a level of consistency that can be relied on for even the largest of projects.

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What is recycled or reclaimed timber?

Reclaimed or recycled timber is any piece of wood that has already been used for another purpose. It could have come from a variety of places, including furniture, buildings or vehicles, such a row boats or wagons.

Recently, reclaimed timber has become a popular flooring choice for its unique appearance. You won’t find another piece of wood like your recycled timber plank, which means your floor will have a unique charm.

Reclaimed timber is also very popular for use as cladding on doors or walls to create unique features full of character. It is also highly suitable for bespoke joinery pieces such as cabinetry and furniture.

What is Reproduction Reclaimed wood flooring?

Reproduction reclaimed timber flooring is where a virgin timber plank has been made to have the look of a genuine reclaimed board. The benefit of a reproduction reclaimed plank is cost. Genuine reclaimed timber is often harder to source and produce than virgin timber. With a reproduction reclaimed plank you can achieve the beautiful rustic worn look of reclaimed timber, at a lower cost point.

What are the benefits of specifying reclaimed timber floors?

Reclaimed or recycled timber offers a variety of design and construction benefits, including:

  • Charm: Because reclaimed wood is aged and weathered, the boards have a unique charm that you won’t find elsewhere.
  • Sustainability: Reusing old wood rather than purchasing planks made from virgin wood means you choose the environment as well as a timber floor.
  • Versatility: Reclaimed timber can be seamlessly applied to a variety of spaces and design concepts.
  • Design: The unique nature of reclaimed timber means they’ll add personality to your space unparalleled by other types of timber.
  • Durability: Tried and tested, reclaimed timber is no less durable than virgin wood.
Is reclaimed wood real wood?

Yes, reclaimed wood is real wood. It has been harvested from a building, furniture or other object and sawn into the timber planks that will be used to produce your new floor.

How is timber recycled?

Timber is easily recycled. Reclaimed timber is typically harvested from old barns, retired ships, stock farms, warehouses, wine casts and other timber objects.

The timber is then sawn, sanded and profiled to meet 21st century standards, ensuring a level of consistency that can be relied on for even the largest of projects.

Is reclaimed wood safe?

Reclaimed wood purchased through a flooring supplier or store poses no risk to your home, business or occupants. This is because the boards or planks have been treated and prefinished to eliminate any potential threats from insecticides, lead or other toxins.

When reclaiming wood yourself, you should be aware that the timber may have been exposed to toxic substances during its prior use. This is why it’s safer and cost-effective to purchase reclaimed timber from a reliable supplier.

Is reclaimed wood eco-friendly?

Yes, reclaimed wood is an eco-friendly flooring solution. By recycling timber you aren’t contributing to demand for new timber floor boards. You are also reducing the waste and resource consumption required to manufacture new planks.

Why choose a reclaimed or recycled timber floor from Havwoods?

At Havwoods, we take reclaimed timber seriously. With over 40 years in the timber flooring industry, you can rest assured that our reclaimed timber planks are safe and ready to meet your flooring needs:

  • We source the best European oak: Your reclaimed timber floor is sourced from the most reputable European oak timber mills.
  • Delivery: All UK mainland orders of £500 or more in value are delivered free of charge on a 3-4 working day service. For any orders less than this value we charge a nominal fee of £25. If your need is more urgent please check out our delivery options.
  • Sustainability matters: We source our reclaimed timber from reliable and ethical suppliers, because the environment matters.
  • See your new floor before buying: We encourage you to order a sample of our reclaimed and recycled timber flooring products so you can see the personality they could bring to your space. You can also visit a Havwoods showroom in CarnforthKnutsford, Guildford and Clerkenwell to learn more about your chosen products.