Aire Ancient Baths, London

Project - Aire Ancient Baths

Location - London

Product Used - HW88105 Galway

Architect - IL architecture

Photographer - Calvert Studios

Located in the capital city is AIRE Ancient Baths London. A few minutes' walk from the picturesque Covent Garden, this peaceful, roman-inspired oasis is dedicated to enhancing mind and body relaxation whilst offering a tranquil distraction from everyday routine. 

Havwoods Hand Grade was specified to provide a high-quality wood solution for this premium location that would remain in keeping with the traditional aesthetic and contribute to its warm and alluring ambience. The pre-finished engineered boards exude luxury and prestigious appeal.


In addition to Hand Grade, 260mm Portland planks from the Henley collection were also selected for this project. Recognised for its warm hues and textured surface, Portland boards deliver on both functionality and style.

With the help of Havwoods, this show-stopping thermal bath has been equipped with a high-quality wood solution to complement its indulgent offering. 

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