Chevron Timber Flooring & Cladding

Chevron, like Herringbone flooring, is a form of parquetry. Despite a similar appearance, it is distinct as a style and design from Herringbone floors. 

Because it has a long history dating back to the Medieval period, designers are able to capitalise on a classic aesthetic, using the most modern and eco-friendly timber materials to produce a stunning and spacious interior design.

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What is a Chevron Pattern or Design?

Chevron is a “V” shaped pattern, used in designs across a range of industries. In the timber flooring industry, Chevron floors are characterised by the zig zag arrangement in which the boards laid. 

Where did the Chevron Pattern come from?

As a pattern and design, Chevron has been popular for centuries. The earliest evidence of Chevron in use comes from Ancient Greece, but as a flooring style, it has its roots in the culture of the Norman elite in Medieval France.

Since the Medieval period Chevron has grown in popularity among the French, alongside Herringbone, a similar form of parquetry.

What is Chevron Flooring? 

Chevron is a “V” shaped parquetry design. This style of parquet flooring is laid in a zig zag arrangement, but installation can be a lengthy process.

Chevron timber floors are commonly used to make a room look and feel more spacious. This is why you’ll find Chevron wood floors in smaller houses, apartments, and commercial spaces. 

What is the Difference Between Chevron and Herringbone Floors?

Although Herringbone and Chevron are two styles of parquetry, they are in fact very different flooring designs.

Designers generally can’t agree whether Herringbone flooring is a modification of Chevron, or if Chevron is modified Herringbone. The real difference between the two designs is how they’re laid and installed. Chevron is formed by cutting the wooden boards at an angle on the short end, rather than laying complete planks as is the case with Herringbone floors. 

Is Chevron Flooring Still in Style?

Yes, as a pattern Chevron is still in style. You’ll see it on clothing, blankets, towels, and stationary as you browse in your local shops. In flooring Chevron is undergoing a Renaissance because it is an effective way to create a spacious design on a smaller project.

If you’re looking for a floor that has an antique personality with all the talking points of a modern aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with Chevron parquetry.

Engineered and Solid Wood: What Chevron Floor Should I Choose? 

Home and business owners have two popular materials to choose from: solid wood and engineered timber.

Why choose one over the other? That really depends on your lifestyle and the needs of your space. Engineered timber is formed by layering different kinds of wood to create a single board. Solid wood is a plank produced with one single species of wood.

We put forward engineered wood as the most eco-friendly option, whereas solid wood might add more value to your property if you plan to sell. Both have a low level of maintenance, are easy to clean and add a warm aesthetic to any space. 

Why Choose Timber Chevron for your Floor Design?

Chevron timber floors offer a range of design benefits to residential and commercial projects. Here’s a few that might be of interest to you:

  • Aesthetics: As a design, Chevron offers a classic aesthetic. Realised in the finest oak planks, your space will enjoy the warm and natural appeal offered by a wood floor.
  • Movement: The unique "V" shaped arrow arrangement creates a sense of movement which will bring your space to life. 
  • Versatility: Chevron is a versatile flooring pattern that works well in both smaller and larger spaces.
  • Cost-effective: Whether you choose solid or engineered timber, Chevron floors are now available to home and business owners at a great price. 

Why Choose a Chevron Wood Floor from Havwoods?

At Havwoods we pride ourselves on providing the best quality wood floors for our clients and customers:

  • We source the best European oak: Your Chevron timber floor is sourced from the most reputable European oak mills. 
  • Delivery Australia-wideWe’ll deliver your Chevron floor boards to any safe and accessible site in Australia, Monday-Friday, between 8:00am and 5:00pm.
  • Sustainability mattersWe source our timber from environmentally responsible mills because they are the most intensively managed in the world. By choosing timber, you are choosing the environment. 
  • See a Chevron floor before buying: We encourage you to order a sample of your flooring favourites to see if a Chevron pattern matches your design concept or vision. You can also visit a Havwoods showroom in Sydney, Newcastle or Melbourne to learn more about your chosen products. 

Need Wall Cladding? Use Chevron

All Havwoods flooring products are designed with the entire space in mind, and can also be used as wall cladding panels. If you’re set on a Chevron pattern for your wall, our range of Chevron timber boards will create a talking point in your space. 

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