Herringbone Flooring & Cladding

Herringbone flooring is perhaps the most popular form of parquetry. Although similar in appearance to a Chevron pattern, Herringbone timber floors use different planks and are installed to achieve a stylish, but classical aesthetic. 

By no means does this exclude a Herringbone wood floor from modern design concepts, where designers have embraced the pattern in residential and commercial applications. 

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What is Herringbone Flooring?

Herringbone flooring is a popular pattern of parquetry. Timber planks, blocks or boards are laid in a crisscrossing arrangement, pushing against each other to form the pattern. This means the wood will be less likely to expand or move out of place.

As a design, Herringbone floors have been a favourite for centuries. 2,500 years ago Roman engineers found that Herringbone arrangements provided the optimum structure for their roads, and through the Medieval period the pattern was used in the entry ways and parlours of grand estates.

Now it could be the perfect timber floor for your new home or business. 

What is the Difference Between a Chevron and Herringbone Parquet Floor?

Although Herringbone and Chevron are two styles of parquetry, they are in fact very different flooring designs.

Herringbone floors use complete rectangular blocks or planks, whereas Chevron parquetry is formed by cutting the blocks at an angle on the short end. 

Is Herringbone in Style?

The benefit of choosing a Herringbone pattern is the timeless nature of its design. A wood floor has always had high aesthetic value in terms of design, from the French chateaus of the Renaissance, to the entrance halls of Dutch tradesman and parlours of Medici’s Rome.

Herringbone flooring brings a sense of luxury to any space, and its history provides the perfect talking point for guests, customers and clients.

Why Choose Herringbone Parquetry for your new Timber Floor?

 Think a Herringbone floor might be the one for your design? Here’s a few of the design benefits Herringbone timber floors offer:

  • Aesthetics: Herringbone sweeps up the whole room with a movement and chique unique to its design. 
  • Strength and durability: Because of the way Herringbone blocks are fitted and laid, your timber floor will be stronger, and more resistant to the wear and tear of humidity and moisture.
  • Versatility: Herringbone parquetry is a timeless flooring choice in terms of design, and timber offers the perfect talking point in residential and commercial spaces.
  • Cost-effective: Modern manufacturing means that Herringbone floors don’t cost what they used to, and are now accessible to home and business owners at a great price. 

Why Choose a Herringbone Floor from Havwoods?

At Havwoods we pride ourselves on providing the best quality wood floors for our clients and customers:

  • We source the best European oak: Your Herringbone floor is sourced from the most reputable European oak timber mills. 
  • Delivery Australia-wide: We’ll deliver your Herringbone timber floor to any safe and accessible site in Australia, Monday-Friday, between 8:00am and 5:00pm.
  • Sustainability matters: We source our Herringbone blocks from environmentally responsible mills because they are the most intensively managed in the world. By choosing timber, you are choosing the environment. 
  • See a Herringbone floor before buying: We encourage you to order a sample of your flooring favourites to see if a Herringbone pattern matches your design concept or vision. You can also visit one of our showrooms in Sydney, Newcastle or Melbourne to learn more about your chosen products. 

Herringbone Timber also makes great Wall Cladding

We design all our Herringbone flooring blocks to be used as both floor boards and wall cladding panels. However you wish to incorporate a Havwoods Herringbone block into your design, our products will meet the specifications for your project. 

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