Cooper's Bar, Sydney

Location - Sydney, Australia

Product Used - RECM2025 Reclaimed Barn Oak

Designer - Patrick Torcasio Design

How do you turn a bland, white, low-ceilinged, harshly lit airport space into an area appealing enough to convince travellers to stop for a drink on their way home, or to forgo closer refreshment outlets and make it their destination from the other end of the terminal? Patrick Torcasio Design decided to do it with the help of Havwoods.

Product: RECM2025 Reclaimed Barn Oak

To make the project even more complex, there were actually three separate clients: Coopers Beer, Emirates Retail Leisure, owners of Hudsons Coffee, and Sydney Airport themselves. The decision was made to combine the two tenancies into one cohesive destination space: “We wanted to create a zone where customers can stop for a time, relax and refresh, and honestly feel that they are not in an airport.”

Chosen for its aged, natural texture which exhibits warmth without being precious and echoes the rural, 150 year history of Coopers Beer Brewery, Havwoods reclaimed timber flooring is used everywhere: floors, walls, tables, bar tops and for the feature light boxes which make the ceiling a random, ever-changing kaleidoscope of colour.

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