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Cutters Yard, London

Project - Cutters Yard

Location - London

Designer - Reis Design

Barber Dasos Anastasis decided his second venture would have a twist: his concept was to fuse together a high end barbering experience with an artisan style coffee shop, all under the same roof.


Product: HW16007 Notte Block; HW16006 Bronzo Block

Barber shop design that is unique and delivers an engaging experience is increasing in importance in the UK. Coupled with coffee shops, which are predicted to outnumber pubs by 2030, men’s grooming is one of the UK economy’s major growth areas. Tabard Street barber, Dasos Anastasis, saw this as an opportunity to add a twist to his new venture. Recognising the large numbers of successful professionals and businessmen working in the vicinity of his new shop location, Dasos developed a concept designed to fuse together a high end barbering experience with an artisan style coffee shop, all under the same roof.

With their wealth of experience in salon design, Reis Design were engaged to make Dasos’s concept a reality. Taking the idea of a ‘men’s workshop’, an industrial store concept to convey the craftsmanship of Cutter’s Yard’s highly skilled barbers was developed as an effective solution for this Barber shop design.

Dasos, together with his business partner, made a visit to Havwoods Clerkenwell Showroom after Havwoods were recommended to him. Unable to decide between two shades, they decided on a striking mixed product design using Oak Notte and Oak Bronzo herringbone timber flooring from The Italian Collection.

Dasos has since returned to Clerkenwell and chosen a new floor for his original Barber shop. There are plans underway for a Cutter’s Yard salon to open at London Bridge Station in early 2018.

Free samples are available for all our products by clicking the ‘Get a Sample’ button next to the product. We also have timber flooring showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle where you can visit us to view our extensive range in larger panels. To contact us, call 1300 428 966 or email info@havwoods.com.au.

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