McGrath Paddington

Project - McGrath Office

Location - Paddington, NSW

Product Used - HW16009C Columba Herringbone

Designer - The Unlisted Collective

Contractor - Urban Core

Photographer - Pablo Veiga

Instagram - theunlistedcollective

At a site hand picked by John McGrath himself in the charming Sydney suburb of Paddington and within a beautiful heritage listed building, sits this newly transformed boutique style McGrath Real Estate Agent Office. The Unlisted Collective were engaged to take on the challenge of respecting and restoring the original design, while introducing a contemporary colours and materials palette and delivering a modern and efficient workspace - with stunning results!

We spoke with Bianca Fraser, Director and Interior Designer of The Unlisted Collective, about their recent transformation of a beautiful heritage building into a modern and efficient workspace for the McGrath Real Estate team.

Q: What was the brief from your clients?

"McGrath Paddington is located in a heritage listed building that has recently been transformed from an outdated chemist, to a stunning boutique style Real Estate Agent Office, that blends seamlessly into the charming suburb of Paddington. The site was hand picked by John McGrath himself, with the aim to re-establish McGrath's presence back to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney."

Q: What was your favourite feature from this project?

"The building and interiors were carefully considered and restored to respect the original design of the building, including relocating the front door to its original position and reinstating the decorative ceilings to match the original ceilings that would have been featured within the building. Combining these elements with a contemporary colour palette, materials and textures creates a harmonious blend of old and new.

The use of decorative light fittings, high ceilings and large windows create an open and homely feel, allowing natural light to flood the interior, highlighting the stunning period details of the building. The result is a truly unique and inviting space that showcases the heritage and character of the building, while also providing a modern and efficient workspace for the Real Estate team."

Q: Were there any specific technical or design requirements that the flooring had to meet?

"Considering the office space’s high daily foot traffic from both staff and public, it was imperative to select a hardwearing flooring solution that was equally aesthetically pleasing."

Q: Why did you choose Havwoods Columba herringbone timber flooring? How do they add to the positive feel of the space?

"The Unlisted Collective selected Havwoods HW16009C Columba Herringbone, as the characteristics of the product create a homely and inviting feel in the space. The warm tones and natural grain evoke a sense of comfort and welcome, contributing to the overall positive ambience of the area."

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