Nando’s, Brighton Marina

Project - Nando’s Restaurant

Location - Brighton, United Kingdom

Product Used - HW3882 Medio

A sophisticated space with a quirky edge to suit the city and location was the aim for this lofty restaurant situated on Brighton’s trendy marina. 

Product: HW3882 Medio

Over one third of the covers are sited on an external decked area, overlooked by the main restaurant which is glazed on two sides, so timber was used extensively to soften these hard facades and warm the overall aesthetic; the scale of the site allowed for variety within the design – fumed oak, black walnut and olive all featured to advantage. 

To link the internal and external areas, a dark board floor at the restaurant front mimics the external decking; this changes to the wider, lighter Havwoods' Medio timber plank in the main body of the restaurant to provide a contrast with the fumed oak of the fixed seating and screening. The proportions of the space allow for a feature ceiling created by a series of varied ‘waves’, a subtle connection to the sea. This, together with oversized cage lights above the circular seating booths, injects colour from the fabrics and leather which echo the vibrant South African artworks and huge old Portuguese pots, all of which helps to make this a truly stand-out space in which to eat.

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