Oceanfront Home with a Difference

Project - New Family Home by the Sea

Location - Freshwater, NSW

Product Used - HW3606 Fendi

Designer - Your Beautiful Home

Located right up on the headland of Sydney's stunning beachside suburb of Freshwater, this newly built home required an equally stunning interior design scheme that also  addressed the need for functional and hardwearing materials to suit both oceanfront living and a young family.

Watch our video interview with Anna Williams from Your Beautiful Home, to hear all about the careful considerations for the materials chosen to feature in this beautiful new home.

Product Used: HW3606 Fendi timber flooring

Designers Your Beautiful Home took on the challenge of delivering a coastal design that would stand apart from your typical seaside design scheme, by incorporating warmth and elegance through the selection of materials that were a little bit different to those typically used for seaside homes.

The brief from the client was very flexible -  she knew she liked quite a classic home but was open to guidance on how to achieve a beautiful classic yet coastal look.

Your Beautiful Home set out to deliver a seaside home that would exude a real sense of elegance and warmth that would differentiate it from a standard coastal aesthetic.

On the lookout for materials that were a little bit different to those typically chosen for a coastal theme, Your Beautiful Home selected Havwoods Fendi to feature as the timber flooring throughout the home.

This newly built home was quite large and so flooring choice was a key element to the overall design. The entranceway to the home is a beautiful long hallway that lead out to a view of the headland so the flooring selection needed to suit the coastal theme, and yet also deliver a sense of depth and elegance.

"I always say to clients the flooring and the kitchen are the two things that are so critical in giving that sense of quality to your home and sometimes they're a bit surprised that the flooring is such a key part. After it goes down, they really understand why I said that in the beginning."

- Anna Williams, Your Beautiful Home

"When we found Fendi, it it was perfect! We just knew straight away - and thankfully the client agreed - that it was perfect flooring. It has, just a beautiful amount of character and interest to it, and has a real authenticity and sense of warmth and depth of colour that was really appropriate, while still feeling quite relaxing coastal." 

- Anna Williams, Your Beautiful Home

It was also very important that the materials selected for this home be both functional and hard wearing to suit the coastal environment as well as a young family.

"It was really important to us that the flooring was also really functional and really hard wearing for a young family so, we were always keen to use an engineered board, rather than a solid board. Fendi was perfect and delivered on everything that we needed."

- Anna Williams, Your Beautiful Home

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