Optus Flagship Store, Sydney

Location - Sydney, Australia

Product Used - HW3698 Quantum

Designer - Unita and Collectivus

The design of a flagship store is an exciting and adventurous opportunity. The concept for the Optus Sydney flagship store did not disappoint, outlining a space designed to provide a complete immersive and technologically advanced experience for engaging and enthralling customers.

Product: HW3698 Quantum

As the first of its kind in Australia, the Sydney Optus Flagship Store was designed by Unita and Colletivus as part of a national roll-out and partnership with Optus. The finished store expertly delivers an immersive experience with the help of over 120 million pixels, 1 million LEDs and 4x4m 8K TV screens that extend into the virtual reality world.

The digital-heavy space is complemented perfectly by an interweaving homely feel while comfortable breakout areas provide relaxed spaces to browse and compare products. The incorporation of featured timber flooring sections and stairs, for which Havwoods Quantum was selected, deliver warmth and a connection to nature in a technology-rich environment.

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