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5 Cork Wall Cladding Designs That Can Transform Any Space

1 Jul 2019

Cork allows architects & designers to create points of difference in any space. Here’s 5 cork wall cladding designs to transform & inspire your next project. 

Cork cladding is an exciting innovation that allows savvy architects and designers to create a point of difference by producing unique and bespoke combinations.

Available in a unique assortment of textures and colours that stimulate design, the surface of the tiles offer a highly textured, raised-pattern finish that is designed to add interest to vertical surfaces, whether used as an accent panel or across a full wall scheme. They allow imaginative formats and patterns to be created with ease. 

1. Wood Inspired

Mix and match various tiles to create a chaotic combination of wood inspired zig-zag patterns. The rustic design can be used in moderation or splashed across an entire wall to really draw the line of sight.    

News | AU | Cork Sustainable | Cork Image

2. Dark and Moody

Create a sense of spaciousness by experimenting with 3D elements. The cork tiles can be positioned in a horizontal, vertical or even diagonal manner. 

News | AU | Cork Acoustic | Image 2

3. Sunshine Galore

Concoct a curious alchemy of tones, colours and textures by pairing together several tile designs.

News | AU | Cork Acoustic | Image 1

4. Sandy Oasis

Accentuate multiple walls by artfully placing a tapestry of 3D tiles with slight alterations to their individual design.     

News | AU | Cork Acoustic | Header

5. Inner Garden

Being the essence of nature indoors with a cork design that mimics the rugged look of a rock wall.    

News | AU | Cork Acoustic | Image 3

Transform your space with cork cladding!

Ready to transform your space?  You can get in touch with our friendly team or visit one of our showrooms to see larger samples of the cork wall cladding.