Behind The Grain

3 Oct 2023

When exceptional is the standard, only the finest materials and masters of their craft make the cut. From the forest, to the interior, meet the artisans, innovators and experts behind our fine timber products.

Highly Skilled Timber Artisans

Artisan: a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.

At Havwoods, our Timber Artisans use their skills, honed over many generations, to transform raw planks into pieces of sheer elegance, where the beauty of the wood’s natural grain takes centre stage. Timber Artisans channel their passion for woodworking into every step, ensuring that only the most exquisite boards and panels make their way to your interiors.

Starting with the selection of premium-grade timber, they carefully inspect each grain, handpicking the most captivating pieces with distinctive patterns and textures and categorising them into ranges and grading types. The wood is then meticulously processed and engineered to achieve the perfect balance of stability and beauty, all the while adhering to environmentally responsible practices.

Image: Filling in knots by hand, with filler that is coloured to complement the natural variation in the timber rather than to match it exactly.

With decades of experience, these artisans understand how varying factors like temperature, humidity, and craftsmanship impact the final product. Their precise craftsmanship ensures that each timber floorboard and panel is structurally robust, visually stunning, and able to withstand the test of time.

With some ranges, they employ a mix of traditional and contemporary techniques, adding intricate details, bevels, and finishes that enhance the individuality of each creation. The result is a collection of engineered timber products that breathe life into any space, exuding warmth, sophistication, and a timeless appeal.

Image: Planing back the timber plank to achieve the perfect edge.

Innovation: Expanding Horizons with Products and Techniques

At Havwoods, our team of product experts take immense pride in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with timber for interiors. The spirit of innovation fuels our process for new product ideas, creating unique solutions for our clients’ projects.

The journey begins with a deep understanding of our clients’ unique needs and desires. From here, our experts relentlessly explore new techniques, finishes, and colours that push the boundaries of timber’s versatility.

We draw inspiration from various industries and art forms, seeking to infuse fresh ideas into our timber products. Whether it’s experimenting with innovative staining techniques to bring out captivating new colours or designing unique shapes that challenge conventional perceptions, our ideation process thrives on imagination.

Image: An intriguing timber flower pattern recently launched in our Havwoods European showrooms.

We regularly release new products and strive to keep our clients excited about how they can use timber in their interiors.

As we embark on this creative journey, sustainability remains at the core of everything we do. We ensure that each innovative solution aligns with our commitment to considering and preserving the environment.

Installation: The Key to the Perfect Timber Floor

At Havwoods, we understand that the journey of our timber products doesn’t end when they leave our warehouse. It continues with the skill of installation, where care, preparation and technical know-how combine to ensure our quality floors perform in our client’s spaces.

The meticulous approach of a skilled installer starts with the floor preparation, which includes levelling the floor, ensuring the correct sub floor, moisture levels, and considering the client’s needs and specific individuality of the space. Without proper floor preparation, problems such as lifting boards, squeaking, uneven surfaces and even damage to your floors can arise post-installation.

Image: Direct stick installation of wide plank timber flooring boards with our HavBond adhesive.

Skilled installers also plan out your timber flooring, ensure they use all of the planks in your order, planning how to use short boards and ensuring each plank finds its rightful place in creating breathtaking interiors for our clients.

Our Havwoods Head of Technical and Installation offers a wealth of knowledge and experience for our installers and clients, providing guidance and support where required allowing our beautiful timber products to be showcased at their best.

Embrace the Timeless Beauty of Wood: Discover Havwoods' Sustainable and Stunning Timber Solutions

There really is no other material that matches the natural variation and beauty of wood. With careful consideration and use of timber’s ability to be an incredibly sustainable choice and handled by skilled and experienced timber artisans to deliver beautiful boards that stand the test of time, Havwoods invites you to incorporate the natural beauty and benefits of timber into your next project.

All of our products can be ordered as free samples online, or visit your local Havwoods showroom to see them in large panel sizes. Speak with our knowledgeable experts and let us join you in your journey for the perfect timber flooring, cladding to suit your requirements.

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