The Rise of Engineered Timber as the Flooring Choice for Modern Homes

29 Feb 2024

Engineered timber flooring has gained immense popularity for modern homes. This innovative flooring combines the beauty of natural wood with advanced stability, durability, and sustainability. This article delves into how engineered timber's distinctive mix of aesthetics, versatility, eco-friendliness, and durability positions it as the top choice to meet the lifestyle demands of contemporary Australian homes.

The new flooring of choice for many Aussie homes

For decades, Australian homeowners have turned to solid hardwood timber flooring to add elegance inside their houses. However, in recent years, engineered hardwood timber flooring has surged in popularity, becoming one of the most sought-after options for modern homes. This innovative flooring offers the beauty of natural wood along with advanced stability, durability, and sustainability.

As engineered timber is fast becoming the flooring of choice for many Aussie homes. So why has engineered timber become the future of flooring? In this article, we’ll explore how engineered timber’s unique blend of aesthetics, versatility, eco-friendliness and durability is making it the standout choice to meet the lifestyle demands of contemporary Australian homes.

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What is Engineered Timber Flooring?

We’ve written extensively about what engineered flooring is. In short, engineered refers to the construction of the plank. Engineered timber flooring is a combination of multiple layers of wood where each layer is placed so that the grain runs perpendicular. Whereas a solid plank is just a single piece of wood. See the below video for a more in depth look at what engineered timber flooring is.

Benefits of Engineered Timber Floors

There are many reasons why engineered wood for flooring or wall panels were designed this way and these were mainly to avoid the key issues with solid plank wood flooring, namely, its susceptibility to the weather where it is prone to warping, cupping or bowing. However, there are many other benefits to engineered flooring, these include the following: 

  1. A wide variety of colours and finishes to choose from
    Because Engineered flooring is pre-finished (as opposed to solid timber which requires finishing on site) it allows for a bigger range of finishes and colours for homeowners and business owners to choose from.

  2. Quick and mess-free install
    Engineered hardwood flooring being pre-finished also means that installation is a much faster and less messy process than that of installing solid timber flooring. This reduces both time and money needed for installation of an engineered hardwood floor.

  3. Less expensive than solid hardwood flooring
    When it comes to your budget, engineered wood floors deliver. Their efficient construction mixes durable base layers with high-quality real wood tops. This lets manufacturers blend premium surfaces like oak or ash with more affordable wood cores, passing the savings to you. Engineered floors cost less per square metre than equivalent solid hardwood.

  4. Eco-friendly and sustainable
    Engineered timber unlocks the potential of slow-growing trees. Unlike solid wood flooring which uses only the outer layers of the log, engineered timber utilises the entire log in its construction. This optimised wood technology enables a single venerable tree to produce up to three times more flooring than milled solid timber.

    With engineered floors, we expand the legacy of noble old-growth forests into more homes without increasing tree harvests. We conserve nature’s carbon stores while meeting demand for durable, stable floors. Engineered timber helps meet our passion for aesthetic flooring without costing the earth. By multiplying the yield from protected forests, engineered floors let us pass more wilderness to future generations. Read more about timber and sustainability here.

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Engineered Timber Suitability for Modern Homes

The modern Australian home has come a long way from where it was 50 years ago. Today many homes run on ducted air conditioning so the interior climate is constantly changing, not to mention the preference for underfloor heating has increased and bigger, busy family homes that require easy floor maintenance. This is why engineered timber flooring is the best choice for the modern home because of its ability to stand up to the elements and foot traffic, and of course as mentioned above, their cost effectiveness, which is a huge contributing factor for many homeowners and business owners.

The Future is Engineered

With the unbeatable mix of aesthetics, stability, and sustainability, engineered timber floors are on track to become the dominant flooring of the future. Industry experts predict engineered floors will continue their rise in popularity over solid hardwood. 

We can expect exciting advancements like new digital printing techniques that emulate any stone, tile, or wood grain under the sun. Engineered timber manufacturers are also pioneering natural water-based finishes free of VOCs. Combined with the material’s inherently eco-friendly production methods, these innovative floors represent a guilt-free way to achieve the modern home look. As engineered timber floors can suit any floor plan, integrate cleanly with heating and cooling, and require less maintenance over decades of use compared to alternatives, and can even increase the value of your home, they make the ideal long-term flooring investment for contemporary households.

Engineered timber flooring has rapidly gained popularity over traditional solid hardwood to become the flooring of choice for many modern homes. With their winning combination of beauty, stability, versatility, and eco-conscious production, engineered floors are poised for even greater popularity going forward.

As more homeowners discover these sustainable, high-performing floors, engineered timber will continue on its skyward trajectory. From technological improvements to the expansion into new room types and home integration systems, the future is bright for engineered flooring.

If you are in the market for engineered timber flooring look no further. We have an extensive range of colours and finishes that will suit any home or commercial premises. Get in touch with us today or visit one of Havwoods showrooms today where one of our friendly experts can help you with any questions you have. 

Looking for engineered timber flooring for your home?

If you are in the market for engineered timber flooring look no further. We have an extensive range of colours and finishes that will suit any home or commercial premises. Get in touch with us today or visit one of Havwoods showrooms today where one of our friendly experts can help you with any questions you have. 

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