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Happy Birthday to our Melbourne & Sydney Showrooms

17 Jun 2019

We're celebrating two showroom birthdays! 

Officially introduced to our wonderful clients on the 24th May 2018, our state of the art Melbourne Showroom recently celebrated its first year anniversary.

Not to be outdone, the Sydney Showroom is also wearing its very own party hat and commemorating its third year. Since opening its doors on the 28th July 2016, it has established itself as one of the signature timber flooring showrooms in the Sydney CBD.


Havwoods' presence in Melbourne began as a simple hot desk within a shared space before transforming into a beautifully crafted and unique showroom in late 2013. Fast forward to 2018 and a new-concept, exquisitely finished showroom in an even larger space was designed to meet the needs of our fabulous client base.

Helen Theofanous, Client Care Executive

 If you were a Havwoods flooring colour, what would you be? 
 Arena - just the right amount of bronzer without the need to tan and risk  melanomas! Full of character, movement and class. At the moment I resemble Blanco, a pale oak needing to be revived

 Describe yourself in three words:
 Loud (but looks quiet)
 Creative (a nice word for bonkers)
 Sensitive (a creative word for sooky lala)

 If you were writing a book about your life, what would the title be?
 Just When You Thought You Knew a Girl - Expect the Unexpected!

 Mark Whalley, Business Development Manager

 Share one piece of flooring advice:
 Always go with Venture Plank! 😊

 Early bird or night owl?
 Night owl

 Best life advice you've ever received?
 Don't eat yellow snow

 Favourite binge-worthy show?
 Obviously 'Friends'

 Favourite flavour of coffee or tea?
 Soy cappuccino (with a Tim Tam...and extra sprinkles)


As Sydney CBD’s only dedicated timber flooring showroom, the Havwoods Sydney showroom is spread over a split-level, open space designed to allow clients to discover all of our beautiful timber products in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere - complemented by the renowned Havwoods hospitality and product expertise.    

 Brent Calow, Business Development Manager

 Share one piece of flooring advice:
 3 most important things about timber flooring - subfloor, subfloor, subfloor

 Describe yourself in three words:
 Determined. Competitive. Funny.

 Early bird or night owl?
 Night Owl with a couple shots of Early Bird

 Best life advice you've ever received?
 You will never stop learning. If you do stop, you are finished

 Favourite flavour of coffee or tea?
 Latte with a few Earl Grey teas for the weekend

 Daniella Candido, Showroom Manager

 If you were a Havwoods flooring colour, what would you be?
 Fendi - I feel it has a natural beauty about it that's full of character and natural variation. It's neutral tone is incredibly versatile meaning it can be a perfect match in so many variations.

 Describe yourself in three words:
 Funny. Creative. Social

 Early bird or night owl?
 Night owl

 Emma McCallum, Client Care Executive

 If you were a Havwoods flooring colour, what would you be?
 Maderia 13mm cos it's golden and fun

 Favourite flavour of coffee or tea?
 Definitely a tea drinker - the flavour changes with my mood!

 Early bird or night owl?
 Early Bird