Happy First Anniversary to our Newcastle Showroom

16 Aug 2019

A year ago, we officially opened a third Australian showroom. Based in Newcastle, this inconspicuous gem has seen a lot in its short lifespan, firmly cementing its status as the need-to-know flooring supplier in town.

Situated conveniently in the heart of Newcastle at 150 King Street, the showroom follows the same successful new-concept design as the Sydney, Melbourne and Global showrooms, allowing you to discover all our beautiful timber flooring and cladding products in a totally relaxed atmosphere with a warm or cold beverage in hand. 

The Newcastle Power Team

Kari Macchiavello, Showroom Client Care Manager

If you were a Havwoods flooring colour, what would you be?
Militia - it’s elegant and chic, but funky and industrial, such a beautiful versatile product… like me?

Share one piece of flooring advice:
Choose a floor that you fall in love with, not the latest trendy one.

Favourite binge-worthy show?
The US version of The Office – makes me laugh out loud!

Favourite flavour of coffee or tea?
I love a dirty chai – mix of chai and coffee, best of both worlds! 

Tiffani Singler, Sales Support Officer

If you were a Havwoods flooring colour, what would you be?
Marla – she’s homely, reliable, and full of character - definitely the one to watch everyone’s back (just like me with the two reliant animals I call my siblings!)

Share one piece of flooring advice:
Go engineered over solid! Think of the animals, prevent wastage, and still have a more stable (sustainable…) product.

Favourite binge-worthy show?
Brooklyn 99 – Boyle is my spirit animal and Rosa is who I want to be… when I "grow up".

Favourite flavour of coffee or tea?
Coffee for sure – nothing like that fast bean juice to get you through the day! 

"We are so pleased with our history as a family business and could not have reached this milestone without the help of our incredible clients and wonderful staff. It's all possible because of them." - David Hickson, Managing Director  



Havwoods also have showrooms located in Sydney’s CBD in New South Wales and West Melbourne in Victoria. No matter where you visit, we make the specification and product selection process simple, enjoyable and comfortable. With over 160 timber flooring and cladding products on display, you can remove the hassle of bouncing between different locations to find a suitable floor.

For more information on your local showroom, click the links below.