Beyond the Floor: Introducing Havwoods' New Decorative and Acoustic Panelling Products

1 Apr 2024

When you think of Havwoods, you likely envision premium engineered timber flooring that exudes elegance and sophistication. But did you know that our product offerings extend far beyond just the floor? We're excited to introduce twelve new decorative and acoustic panelling products that will transform your spaces like never before. Read more to discover Havwoods Elegante Veneers and Hushwood Acoustics and pre-order your sample kit.

Elegante Veneers

Elegante is our newest offering for those seeking to make a statement with their interior design. Crafted in the picturesque countryside of the Pesaro e Urbino province in central Italy, Elegante Veneers boast three-dimensional beauty in intricate patterns.

  • Genuine timber, 3 dimensional veneers

  • Two stunning colours – Oak and American Walnut

  • Available in ribbed (Costato) or wave (Ondato) styles

  • Unparalleled flexibility

  • Suitable for walls, ceilings, cabinetry, and curved surfaces

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Hushwood Acoustics

The innovative design of Hushwood combines the aesthetics of wood-veneer slats with an acoustic felt backing to achieve a high level of sound absorption.

Measuring 3000mm x 600mm to ensure a seamless application on your walls or ceilings. The construction comprises a PET backing, with a black MDF core and real wood surface, stained in a choice of 4 colours.

  • Genuine FSC® Certified (C009500) timber

  • Acoustic PET felt backing

  • Lightweight, easy to position and attach

  • Available in 4 elegant tones

  • Rapid, easy install in any room

  • Suitable for walls and ceilings

Be the first to see these new products.  Scroll down to order up to 2 samples.

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