How to Achieve an Aesthetic, Soundproof Room

10 Jul 2024

If you are looking to soundproof any room in your home it can be overwhelming to think about finding a functional yet aesthetic solution. One of the biggest questions that comes up is ‘Are there any other options aside from carpet and acoustic foam?’ and the answer is yes! Today, there are numerous ways to achieve a soundproof room that is both functional and visually appealing. This article will explore how you can reduce noise while enhancing the look of your space.

Why should you soundproof your room?

Soundproofing your room (or home) is a worthwhile investment for many reasons. Firstly, it enhances your overall comfort and well-being by reducing noise from outside your home. If you live on a busy street or are close to a train, soundproofing will provide your home with a peaceful and serene environment for relaxation and sleep.

Additionally, soundproofing improves privacy, ensuring that conversations and activities within your space remain just that, private. For those who work from home or have home offices, a soundproof room can reduce outside noise improving the quality of work calls plus increasing your productivity levels by minimising distractions.

Finally, it adds value to your property by enhancing its functionality and appeal. Whether for better sleep, increased privacy, improved work conditions, or enhanced property value, soundproofing your room offers numerous benefits that contribute to a higher quality of life.

What soundproofing materials and techniques can you use?

There are so many materials that extend beyond just carpet and acoustic foam, not to mention strategic techniques that can help you soundproof your entire home. These include:

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are a popular choice for modern soundproofing. They not only absorb sound but also add a stylish element to your room. Acoustic panels come in various materials, including foam, fabric, and wood. At Havwoods, our Hushwood acoustics wall panels are a fantastic choice for offering aesthetics with an acoustic advantage. These acoustic wood wall panels are lightweight and easy to install and are beautifully designed. 

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Soundproof Curtains

Heavy, dense curtains are another excellent solution. These curtains can reduce noise from outside and add a cosy, elegant touch to your room. They are especially useful in bedrooms and living rooms.

Carpets and Rugs

While carpeted walls may be out, carpeted floors are very much in. Thick carpets and rugs can absorb sound and prevent it from bouncing around the room, making your space quieter and more comfortable.


Insulation is key to effective soundproofing. Materials such as fibreglass, mineral wool, and foam can be used within walls, ceilings, and floors to block noise. Proper insulation not only improves sound proofs but also improves energy efficiency.

How to combine soundproofing with interior design

Soundproofing doesn’t have to be an eyesore. By choosing materials and designs that complement your existing decor, you can seamlessly integrate soundproofing solutions into your home.

  • Colours and Textures: Opt for colours and textures that enhance your room’s aesthetic. For example, adding wooden walnut coloured acoustic panels can add warmth and sophistication to your living space.
  • Styling elements: Use rugs, carpets and curtains to not only style your space but to strategically.
  • Feature walls: When utilising acoustic wall panels, they can double as either a wall divider or a feature wall. At Havwoods, our diverse range of vertical wall panels offer you the ability to not only soundproof your home but add a touch of design.

How to maintain your soundproofed room

Just like anything in your home, soundproofing requires some level of maintenance. Periodically check your soundproofing materials for wear and tear. Replace or repair them as needed to maintain their effectiveness.

Different materials require different care. For example, wooden wall acoustic panels can be vacuumed or wiped down with a damp cloth to remove dust. As new soundproofing technologies and materials become available, consider upgrading your existing solutions. This can further enhance the quiet and comfort of your space.

Soundproofing with Style: Elegant Solutions for a Quiet Home

Soundproofing your room or home doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. With the right materials and techniques, you can create a space that is both beautiful and quiet. From DIY projects to professional installations, there are soundproofing solutions to fit every need and budget.

If you are interested in seeing our Havwoods Walls and Ceilings products, including our Hushwood Acoustic panels to assist with soundproofing your home, get in touch with one of our friendly staff today. Alternatively you can visit one of our showrooms and explore our products in person.

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