How to choose the right flooring colour

9 Oct 2023

When it comes to choosing the colours in your home, it can quickly become an overwhelming experience. One of the biggest colour decisions that will influence the overall look and feel of your home is the colour of your floor. That’s why it’s so important that you select the perfect canvas to help complement how you want your home to look and feel.

At Havwoods, we pride ourselves on having over 50 years experience helping our customers select their dream flooring materials and complementing this with the right colours. Whether you're going for a traditional or modern look, this comprehensive guide will help you select the ideal flooring colour for your space.

The Basics of Flooring Colours

Before we delve into specifics, it's important to understand the basics of colour and how it influences space perception and ambiance. Light colours such as Blonde and Platinum tend to make a room feel larger and brighter, while dark colours like Brunette, Cocoa, and Solid Black can create an intimate, cosy ambiance. Middle hues like Honey and Auburn are versatile and can go either way but will be heavily influenced by the various styles and furniture that go with it. At Havwoods, we offer an array of colour schemes to aid you in easily narrowing down your selection. We’ve listed these colours below along with our recommendations on how you can use these colours to complement your space.

The Light Spectrum: Blonde and Platinum

Havwoods colour categories - Blonde timber tones

Blonde and Platinum flooring colours are perfect for small spaces or rooms that don't receive a lot of natural light. These light colours reflect light, making your room appear larger and brighter.

Blonde shades, with its soft, warm undertones, gives a classic, serene look. It's the perfect canvas for a coastal or rustic aesthetic, complementing blues, greens, and earth tones.

Platinum tones, on the other hand, has cool undertones that evoke a modern and sleek vibe. Pair it with high-contrast, bold colour palettes for a contemporary design or use it to enhance minimalist, monochromatic themes.

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The Warm Middle: Honey and Auburn

Havwoods colour categories - Honey timber tones

For those looking for a balance between light and dark, consider Honey or Auburn.

Honey exudes a warm, inviting glow, perfect for areas where you want to create a relaxing atmosphere, such as living rooms and bedrooms. It pairs beautifully with other warm colours and natural materials like wood and stone.

Auburn, with its rich, reddish undertones, is ideal for a classic, elegant aesthetic. It complements both light and dark colours, making it extremely versatile for different room styles.

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The Dark Allure: Brunette, Cocoa, and Smoky Grey

Havwoods colour categories - Cocoa timber tones

Darker flooring options offer a bold, dramatic statement. Brunette, Cocoa, and Smoky Grey colours can add depth and sophistication, and create a cosy, intimate ambiance.

Brunette and Cocoa are perfect for large rooms or open-plan spaces, where their depth can be fully appreciated without making the space feel confined. These colours work exceptionally well with traditional, rustic, or luxury aesthetics, pairing well with deep greens, blues, or rich, warm hues.

Smoky Grey flooring is ideal for a chic, contemporary design. Its neutral undertone harmonises with a wide range of colours, making it an excellent choice for modern, industrial, or Scandi-style interiors.

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The Bold Statement: Monochrome

Havwoods colour categories - Monochrome timber tones

Monochrome flooring options - Solid White, Solid Grey, Solid Black - offer a distinct, bold statement.

Solid White flooring is perfect for creating a clean, minimalist look. It pairs well with light, neutral furniture for a Scandinavian-inspired design.

Solid Grey flooring offers a contemporary, industrial edge. It blends seamlessly with metals and a monochrome palette, giving your space a modern feel.

Solid Black flooring is a bold choice that exudes luxury and sophistication. Use it sparingly and contrast it with lighter, vibramt walls and furniture for a truly striking interior design.

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Making the Final Colour Decision

Now that we've covered the colour basics and how certain colour schemes can influence the look and feel of your space, here are some key considerations:

1. What furniture will be used in the space? Do you have a colour palette already selected?

Your floor should compliment your furniture and enhance it. If you already have some statement pieces that you would like to keep or have already purchased, try selecting colours that work in harmony with these pieces.

2. How much light does the space receive?

If a space receives little to no light, going for a darker floor can make it look smaller and cramped. However, lighter flooring can make the space bigger. Look at where your windows and doors are situated and see what the room looks like at all times of the day.

3. Think about the bigger picture

What’s your aesthetic and how will the rest of your home be decorated? Have you selected items for your bathroom, kitchen, master bedroom etc? Your floor will influence how your entire home comes together so ensuring you have a continuing theme will help create a cohesive home.

Choosing the right flooring colour is a critical decision that sets the tone for your entire room or even your entire home. Havwoods Australia offers a stunning palette of colours that cater to a wide range of design aesthetics, from light and airy to bold and dramatic. Keep in mind the size of your space, the amount of natural light it receives, and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve to make the best decision for your flooring needs. Remember, the beauty of interior design lies in its flexibility, so don't be afraid to get creative and experiment until you find your perfect match.

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