Q&A with Luxury Builders - Greenbuild Constructions

9 Mar 2023

Awarded the Master Builders Association Residential Builder of the year for the Newcastle Region in 2022, Greenbuild Constructions have certainly built a name for themselves in the luxury residential home industry. 

We caught up with Kain Bliss, Director of Greenbuild to learn more about his Company and why they chose Havwoods for flooring in many of their projects. 

Photography thanks to The Palm Co and Muse Photography.

Q: Tell us about Greenbuild Constructions? 

Greenbuild started in 2008, we are a family-run Company anspecialize in delivering high-end projects from residential homes, multi-residential through to commercial projects. Over the years we have grown and developed our own in house team of architects and designers so we are able to offer a full end to end solution - design and construct. 

We are all about working with our clients to get a better understanding of what their goals are for the project and how we can tailor their build to suit what their goals are. 

Q: Why did you choose Havwoods for your building projects? 

5 years into Greenbuild starting, I started looking into engineered structural flooring and came across Havwoods. I found them to be a really great Company. They offer local support, they are very goofrom a technical understanding and they’ve got a large number of options to choose from to cater for all budgets. 

Their customer service level is second to none. We know we can send our clients into their showrooms and they are going to get a first class experience there where they get looked after, they get treated like royalty, they ultimately walk out of there feeling on a high and they’ve really enjoyed the process of going and making their flooring selection. 

Q: Tell us about some of the projects where you have used Havwoods. What products were used and why were they chosen? 

A really good example of working with Havwoods on a project is Talm Beach House. This project, the clients made a lot of the selections themselves by working with Havwoods. It was essential that the flooring product worked well with the style and theme of the home. 

In this particular project they chose the herringbone as a product to keep in with that beach house vibe and style they were going for. The Havwoods flooring herringbone pattern was a really perfect solution for the space due to the size of the board as well was the perfect fit. The colour tone really had that elegant feel about it, to create that sense of luxury and opulence to finish the whole space off.

Another example of a project where we’ve used Havwoods is Salt at Shoal Bay where we used the PurePlank flooring and laid that as a straight plank. 

We chose that product being price competitive but also the colour just perfectly matched the space and given that it was a holiday rental we knew that it was going to be subject to a lot of wear and tear. The PurePlank timber flooring is FSC® certified (C009500) which is fantastic because it’s sustainable and responsibly sourced timber, and think it really resonates with our brand at Greenbuild. 

Q: From a builder's perspective, what does Havwoods deliver for you? 

Havwoods are a great company for Greenbuild to be aligned with because we know that we are going to get that end to end solution from them where our customers are going to get the support they need upfront and we are going to get the support we need as builders and that’s going to translate into a really seamless experience on site for our site managers and ultimately being able to deliver the project on time.  

One of the great things about the Havwoods products is you know what you’re going to get. It’s manufactured in a controlled environment where the tolerances are very minimal, and we know we are going to get precision when we are dealing with the Havwoods flooring products. 

We’ve worked with Havwoods on a number of projects now and enjoy working with them and will continue to use them. 

Q: You had a big year last year, taking out a few awards including the Master Builders Association Residential Builder of the year, so what’s next for Greenbuild? 

Greenbuild have a number of really exciting projects under construction and in the pipeline so we are really excited to reveal some of this work over the next 12 months. We are set to grow even further in the next couple of years with some larger scale projects and also some very unique architectural projects which will see a different trend in architecture for the Newcastle and Port Stephens areas. 

These projects will see our team grow even further across the board with more architects, project managers, admin staff and our site managers and carpentry crew onsite.  This next couple of years of further growth will mean that now more than ever we need a reliable and professional team of suppliers and sub-contractorsso we are thrilled to have Havwoods on our team supporting this growth. 

Explore some of Greenbuild's projects and watch the whole interview with Kain below.

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