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Q&A with Shane Jones - Havwoods Installation & Technical Expert

18 Jan 2022

We sat down with our newest recruit, Shane Jones, Installation and Technical Co-ordinator to chat about his extensive experience in the construction industry and how his background and knowledge of timber flooring, in particular with installation, will be of huge benefit to our Havwoods clients in the important new role he has undertaken on the Havwoods team.

Q: Shane, congratulations on being selected for this important role! Tell us a bit about your experience in the industry?

A: I started working for a local timber flooring company straight out of high school. The focus of this company was primarily sanding and coating, We also did floor repairs and solid timber installations. 

I then moved on to a flooring accessories retailer and learnt all about other floor covering installations. This also gave me the opportunity to deal directly with adhesive and materials manufacturers first hand.

When we moved from Sydney to Port Stephens in 2010, I opened my own floor sanding and installation business. With the assistance of my wife and small team we opened showrooms and a warehouse. We became well known for quality installations of engineered floors, and this became our focus. 

I have always been a member of the ATFA and see their training and assistance throughout my career as incredibly helpful.

Q: In your role as Installation and Technical Co-ordinator, what is your key focus?

A: One key point with Havwoods is to promote best practises within the industry. I want to be able to extend the great quality manufacturing and distribution process Havwoods has developed around the globe, and extend that down line to installers. 

I want to be able to assist flooring experts, builders and consumers alike to achieve the best out of their projects. 

I will be co-ordinating with the ATFA, and will have the opportunity to represent the opinions and needs of installers at a higher level.

Q: Tell us a little bit about how your role as Technical Co-ordinator adds value to Havwoods clients?

A: I am excited to be able to help in the specification of flooring systems for residential and commercial projects. 

I will be using my contacts and first hand experience to make sure the client will be able to have a floor installation delivered exactly to the standard they expect. 

If there are problems down the line, I will be able to assess the issues quickly and offer concise information for rectification. That being said, of course my aim is to offer onsite assistance during installation in order to alleviate potential faults from happening down the line, and promote good industry practices.

Q: What is your advice when installing and maintaining a Havwoods floor?

A: The best piece of advice when installing floors is to start from the ground up, and stick to the basics. 

Don't ignore the instructions! The instructions are a great resource for ensuring you will get the best from your installation. 

Simple things like subfloor flatness are easy to assess and rectify prior to the flooring going in and will prevent the majority of common install issues. 

When it comes to maintenance, keeping the floor clean is the best and easiest way to get longevity from the products, but remember it is a floor and it is meant to be walked on!