Embrace Elegance: Havwoods 2024 Timber Tones of the Year

28 Nov 2023

For our Havwoods clients, staying up to date with the latest in design is essential. That's why we've announced our 2024 Timber Tones of the Year, a selection that perfectly encapsulates the trends in design, both local and international. In this article, we will delve into the world of Havwoods' Timber Tones of the Year and explore how these exquisite shades can elevate your architectural, interior design and build projects.

The Essence of the Timber Tones:

Each year, Havwoods meticulously handpicks three timber tones - a light, medium, and dark tone. These carefully selected timber colours of the year embody the essence of current and future design trends, reflecting the dynamic and ever-evolving world of architecture and interior design.

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Introducing Havwoods Timber Tones of the Year 2024




Light Tone - A Breath of Fresh Air:

Havwoods 2024 Light Timber Tone of the Year exudes a timeless charm. Light woods, with their natural, airy appearance, have been a mainstay in design. The 2024 selection, Salisbury, while retaining this timeless quality, introduces a subtle twist. Expect to find a light tone that blends seamlessly with contemporary spaces, infusing a sense of serenity and freshness into your designs.

This light tone offers a canvas to create spaces that feel open and inviting. Whether it's residential interiors, retail spaces, or corporate environments, this shade will effortlessly adapt, reflecting your unique design vision.

Our Salisbury timber tone is available in plank, chevron and herringbone patterns.

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Medium Tone - Versatility Personified:

Havwoods 2024 Medium Timber Tone of the Year, Cedro, embodies versatility. It's a hue that strikes the perfect balance between light and dark, allowing it to complement a wide range of design styles and color palettes. Medium-toned wood floors can lend warmth and character to spaces, making them the perfect choice for both traditional and contemporary designs.

This medium tone provides the freedom to experiment and create. It's a chameleon, harmonising with different textures and materials. Whether you're working on residential, hospitality, or commercial projects, this versatile shade will prove invaluable in your design toolkit.

Our Cedro timber tone is available in plank and herringbone patterns.

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Dark Tone - Elegance Redefined:

Dark woods have always been synonymous with sophistication, and Havwoods 2024 Dark Timber Tone of the Year selection doesn't disappoint. The dark tone is all about embracing opulence and creating spaces that exude luxury. It adds depth and drama, making it perfect for creating a statement in your projects.

This dark tone offers you the opportunity to elevate your designs to a new level of refinement. From lavish residential spaces to high-end commercial ventures, this shade will set the stage for elegance and grandeur, leaving a lasting impression.

Our Salvo timber tone is available in plank and herringbone patterns.

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Havwoods' Commitment to Quality and Design

Havwoods' Timber Tones of the Year aren't just about following trends; they're a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to quality and design. 

The colours selected as the 2024 Timber Tones of the Year are meticulously sourced and crafted, ensuring each product reflects the brand's dedication to excellence and enduring craftsmanship.

They are a source of inspiration for our clients. Exquisite shades, representing the light, medium, and dark spectrums, and represent Havwoods' dedication to staying at the forefront of the design world.

Whether you're working on residential projects that demand a breath of fresh air, spaces that require versatile, medium tones, or designs that call for elegance and sophistication, Havwoods' Timber Tones of the Year provide the perfect solution. 

All three Timber Tones of the Year have free samples available to order online. Larger samples are available for viewing in our showrooms.

Get in touch today or book an appointment at your local Havwoods showroom to discuss how a Havwoods timber floor could be perfect for your project.

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