Ways to introduce garden lighting into your home

23 Aug 2021

Our home exteriors are now becoming so much more than spaces we walk through to get to our houses. They are areas that serve so many functions, whether it’s for exercise, relaxation or family gatherings. If your garden is a space where you spend a lot of time, it could be the perfect opportunity to bring some statement lighting into it.

Carefully placed lighting will not only lengthen the time you can stay outdoors but it will also enhance the overall aesthetic of your home too – keeping that feeling of space alive in the day and into the night.

Extend the lighting to your garden

If you have doors that open out onto your terrace or decking, it’s important to introduce light into the area that is immediately outside the doors or windows, as this will instantly draw the eye. It’s also a good idea to make sure that the intensity of the light outside is greater than the light within the room. This will create the illusion of the outside being a part of the same space. 

Add in layers with light outside

Similar to within your interior, you can create a real statement across your outside spaces by layering the lighting. This can be done through table lights, decorative wall lights or even downlights or highlights as they will offset a warming ambiance.

Another useful lighting option is linear lighting; you can integrate this into steps, under benches or into water features. The result is a soft background light that will accentuate the parts of your garden that you will typically only see in the daytime.

If you’re keen to enhance your decking spaces, lights placed at different heights around your decking will add character as well as provide a much safer area after dark. There are also a variety of low-voltage options that you can go for that can be placed in corners or near seating to provide a stunning look throughout. 

Affordable lighting

For those looking to introduce a quick lighting update, an inexpensive way to do this is through lanterns or through candles. Lanterns with battery-operated or solar bulbs are also portable so you can put them where you need them most. Additionally, sometimes a cleverly placed solar light is all you may need and can be positioned along walkways or driveways, keeping all key areas of your exterior illuminated when needed!

We hope this article has helped you on your way to choosing the right lighting for your outdoor spaces. If you’re just starting out on your outdoor renovation journey and are on the hunt for superior decking to accompany your lighting, take a look at our Trekker Luxury Composite Decking.