What Are Wide Planks & When To Use Them

25 Oct 2021

Could wide planks be a good solution for your project? Our qualified in-house Interior Designer covers what constitutes as a wide plank, along with when and why you might choose to use them in your home, office or other interior project. 

Check out the video to gain an understanding of what are and how they can be effectively used for clever and impactful interior design.

What is COnsidered to be a "Wide" plank?

Modern wide planks are considered to be any plank that measures 180mm and wider. At Havwoods, our widest planks are 260mm wide and can be found in our Venture Plank range, in an array of beautiful colours.

Traditionally, wide planks were plagued with issues from cupping, bowing, and warping due to the traditional solid timber construction of the planks. They did not perform well in the volatile Australian climate and fast fell out of use.

These days, we are able to counteract these issues with modern techniques and the stability of an engineered construction. Engineered construction delivers a much more stable plank that is resistant to cupping and bowing. This has seen a recent rise in popularity again for these impressive boards which can now deliver reliability as well as aesthetic impact.

Watch the video below or scroll down to learn more about these wonderfully wide timber flooring boards.

When should you use Wide planks?

Wide planks can deliver a subtle but significant impact on the whole feel of a space. There's a number of reasons why you might choose a wide plank design for your new timber flooring.

Create Grandeur

Used in large spaces, wide planks accentuate the space, delivering an atmosphere of grandeur, often seen in contemporary design. This can be especially beneficial for creating impactful entryways, both in residential and commercial applications.

Sizes Matters

When used in smaller spaces, a wider plank can make a space appear larger through the reduction in timber joins, creating a smoother and calmer effect. Using wide planks means there are less visible joins from plank to plank, than that which you would see with installing narrower planks. The effect can subconsciously create a less cluttered visual, allowing the feeling of space to permeate.

Faster Installation

Depending on the skill of your installer and requirements for your space, opting for wider planks can mean the installation process is faster, therefore lowering the cost of your project.

The Natural Beauty of Timber

Wide planks use a larger section of wood per plank. This means that often you will see more of the timber's natural characteristic such as knots and colour variation per plank than with a narrower board.

If you love the natural beauty of timber knots, grains, patterns and colour variants, wide planks may be the way to go.

Ready to explore the wonderful world of WIDE PLANK wood flooring?

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